Goji Berry Lemonade

For a youth-enhancing, antioxidant boost that will make your cells sing with JOY, you’ll want to make this recipe pronto! The beautiful thing about Superfood Beauty Elixirs like this is that they take just a couple minutes to make, infuse a massive amount of nutrition into your body, kids adore them, and they’re easy, simple and inexpensive. Who wouldn’t raise their hand to that?


3-5 cups spring water (locally harvested if possible)
2 teaspoons Goji Joy (goji berry extract)
1 teaspoon plant-derived MSM crystals*
2 freshly squeezed organic lemons
1 droppersful organic liquid stevia* (plain or vanilla flavor)
1/8 teaspoon sea salt (or to taste)

Blend on high in a high speed blender and wait 1 minute until the foam settles. Pour into glasses or ceramic mugs and sip throughout the day in serenity, peace, and JOY

* I get the MSM crystals and organic liquid stevia from Omica Organics.

Read about the top 24 benefits of goji berries here!

The Goji Berry is a powerhouse of nutrition offering:

– immunity power
– high levels of antioxidants
– a complete protein in a berry!
– improved eye sight when taken over the long-term
– happiness – they’re known as the “happy berry” (anti-depressant properties)
– life extension – so it’s been documented (goji berry is considered the #1 HERB in Chinese Medicine)

The GOJI BERRY keeps you happy, so when you take a potent (and mighty delicious) extract like this new epic product Goji Joy that is 12 times more powerful than a handful of goji berries, you get A LOT of benefits, times 12. 🙂 Happy times! We are blessed.

If you like this recipe and want more just like it, check out my book Superfood Beauty Elixirs (with a foreword by David Avocado Wolfe)… low-glycemic drinks, lemonades, slushy’s, herbal tonics, hydrating elixirs, and raw chocolate drinks! NO SUGAR, AND NO FAT.

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