Breaking the Death Habit

Breaking the death habit – does that draw up emotions like doubt, sarcasm, dread, or do you have an open mind?

I’m re-reading the book “Breaking the Death Habit, The Science of Everlasting Life” by Leonard Orr and there is something that I have to share with you… it’s my duty as an educator to do so and if I didn’t push boundaries, stagnation and mediocrity would be rampant among those who resonate with my work. I am not here to make people feel comfortable with their old choices if they no longer serve them. And, I will tirelessly support you until you are extremely confident with walking this road less traveled.

A quote from the book:

“Most people kill themselves with food. If you desire to be healthy, happy, and immortal, you must master food. You must start somewhere.

Victory over food is a basic path to the ultimate victory. When our life energy is controlled by bad/evil habits, these habits destroy us by destroying our will to live.

We destroy our body by lack of respect for it as our personal divine gift. The physical body is our most valuable possession but it’s often sacrificed for superficial reasons (money, to support their car or house, or to please friends/family or religion).”

I can attest to this. Have you read my story of how I completely lost my will to live prior to hopping on board this progressive train? I didn’t used to be this “woo woo” 😉

If you are so brave to shake up the beliefs & attitudes that are ingrained, I invite you to get this book. You can find it on Amazon. It’s a fascinating read, and whether you believe in living young forever or not, couldn’t we all learn new habits that make us feel even better?

*** To celebrate the joyous New Year, I’m offering free nutrition & lifestyle consultations if booked by 1/3/2013. We’ll talk over the phone or skype (serving the world), and is best for those who wish to continue their work with me, and on themselves. These sessions are for the committed & those willing to take action and truly change what needs to be changed based upon what you tell me you want for yourself. You must be willing to accelerate your results, because I am extremely results-driven and dedicated to your success!

If you’d like a complimentary session, contact me and we’ll coordinate for the New Year. Read more about my coaching & services here!

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Bethanne Wanamaker is a certified holistic nutritionist, conscious living expert, and the founder of Edible Goddess, an international health & lifestyle brand that cares deeply about your empowerment. She teaches progressive strategies that awaken you to your highest potential by following the body's inherent wisdom and aligning with an intentional mindset, holistic approach, self nourishing practices, and high self value. Bethanne advocates gradual yet significant shifts of upgraded dietary choices that ultimately lead you to the freedom and confidence of eating intuitively. By living in harmony with nature, you can have what you want. She is known for getting results quickly with committed clients who want to live a wildly rewarding, super fun, truly healthy and happy life!