How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

I’ve always been one to say it’s just as easy to eat really well whether you’re in the comfort of your cozy kitchen, on a road trip, or traveling to other areas of our beautiful world. Though – the ease certainly varies based upon where you are and what you have access to. No matter your location, you CAN make conscious choices. You can choose the very best of what is available to you and seek out what matters to you. A truly healthy lifestyle is a commitment, and the commitment to yourself & your health should continue whether you’re here or there.

I just took a long-awaited vacation with my sweet honey love to Maine and prepared as much as possible ahead of time since I did not fully know what the selection would be like once we arrived. Once we landed, we went straight to the Whole Foods in Boston (flew into Boston & drove up) and loaded up with some basics that I prefer not to live without and the top foods that keep me healthy: raw sauerkraut, avocados, apple cider vinegar, fresh organic fruit, multiple containers of living sprouts, and a green juice from the juice bar. As it turned out, the farmer’s market already closed for the season.

My boyfriend, Christian, got extra virgin organic olive oil (his fav) and sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds & sesame seeds to make mylks as the base for superfood smoothies. Organic & raw for it all.

My favorite dinner is The Goddess Mash, and the ingredients I purchased were to ensure I could enjoy it daily and continue my positive obsession.

I brought with me (in my carry on & checked bag):

– 2 – 16 oz bottles of spirulina (cannot run out of this!)
Vitamineral Green & ZeoForce (powder)
homemade granola & granola bars (aka superwoman bars)
– a bag of raw cacao beans (with & without skins, mixed together)
Longevity in a Bottle (tonic herbal blend with superfoods)
– a bag of wild jungle peanuts (for me)
– soaked & dehydrated raw almonds (for christian)
– organic stevia from Omica Organics
– packaged raw crackers & chips

To stick with my routine, I also brought the herbal supplements I take daily from HealthForce (Liver Rescue, Friendly Force, Chlorella tabs, Elixir of the Lake, CircuForce, and Antioxidant Extreme) and put them in a baggie to keep things light and this worked really well for me.

Right after we picked up some WF staples, we headed up to Maine and got some fresh spring water at Cooper Spring. You can check out the website to find a water source nearest you. This was PRIORITY for us… we bought a 5 gallon jug at Whole Foods (and brought a smaller miron glass bottle in our checked bag) and filled up 3 times during our 8 day stay (because we like doing this – you can fill up just once for your entire stay if desired). We sought out other springs as well and after talking with the locals, got referred to one that was even closer to our lake house!

It pays to ACTIVELY SEEK OUT what matters to you.


Lessons learned: I should have made WAY more granola & superwoman bars ahead of time. We only stopped at Whole Foods right upon arrival and not again until we were back near the airport to fly home, and the local natural health foods stores (1 in the town we stayed in and another relatively nearby) were disappointing with a very limited selection of fresh organic fruit and veggies (which were also WAY over-priced – total sticker shock and nearly double the costs in California), packaged raw foods and bulk section. Even though it may seem as though I brought a lot with me, I did not bring the amounts of bars & crackers I would have appreciated once there.

Lake water adventures!

Overall, we did amazingly well with the options we were given. I bought a couple kombucha’s from a new brand I hadn’t heard of before; it had cordyceps mushroom & wild blue green algae in one, and schisandra berry in the other – totally exciting new goodies!

When you’re unwilling to compromise, you figure it out. There were traditional grocery stores with packaged organic meals and shelf-stable products, but that’s just not the way I eat any longer and it wasn’t even a viable option. I got as much fresh fruit, raw kraut & kim chee, sprouts, avocados, and lemons as possible, and enjoyed a wonderful relaxing time away from my regular routine.

What do YOU do to make sure you eat healthy while traveling?
Have any secrets or things you’ve found that work extremely well? Share in the comments!

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