Tour of my Organic Home Garden (3 videos)

When you aren’t growing your own food, there seems to be a bit of mystery surrounding the topic. This was the case for me, prior to the past couple years. I was raised in a conventional home in the mid-west (west suburbs of Chicago) and we ate corn, green beans and peas out of a […]

Raw Food Porn Class – San Francisco

Interested in learning how to feed yourself really well? If you’d like to know how to prepare raw food creations that are overwhelmingly delicious, join Bethanne Wanamaker for an afternoon of easy-to-make delectable goodness. This class will teach you how to include more organic, raw and living foods into your diet by making gorgeous meals […]

How to Make Detoxifying Beauty Elixirs

I wrote the Superfood Beauty Elixirs book to bring together the recipes I found that best mimicked my favorite childhood drinks. I drank soda pop, slushy’s, chocolate milkshakes & other fizzy beverages when I was young and now that I’m older & wiser, I recognize there is no place for any of that in my […]