Postponing Your Health is a Death Sentence

How do you respond when you read the title of this article? Based on what you have experienced with loved ones or acquaintances in your blessed life, have you found it to be true? I do realize it’s a bold statement and I know it’s 100% true in my own experience having seen this brutal reality. I wish it wasn’t true…

Why is postponing your health a death sentence? Because procrastination tends to set in if you take too long to think things over and consider all the possibilities, options, and what’s involved. If you keep putting things off, when will you ever start? Unconsciously, self-sabotaging behavior slowly creeps in (deep subject as to why, but it does happen). Then, guilt settles in because you know you should have done something sooner. Before you know it, it’s months or years later and you’re in the same position or even worse off because you haven’t taken action. Taking action – REALLY taking forward-moving action – takes an inner drive so powerful because on a deep level within you desperately want to look or feel different and are sick and tired of looking or feeling like you do.

Why do people postpone living a healthier lifestyle? 3 top reasons why I believe this happens (I’m very honest, beware):

1) There is a lack of belief in oneself due to a lack of self-love. If you believe you are worth it, why would you postpone doing everything you can to make your life what you want it to be? Getting to the very core (and this can be a sensitive issue for many), it’s because you don’t think you deserve it. This inevitably creates self-sabotaging behavior (known or unknown and whether you accept it or not) that makes it easy for you to rattle off excuse after excuse for why you haven’t taken action on the targeted strategy that could help you. The answers ARE available and in a world full of possibility and unlimited opportunity, it really is at your fingertips if you want it.

2) There is a feeling that you cannot reach the goal you want for yourself, or you’re so overwhelmed with how to get there that you don’t even start because you’re not sure even where to begin. So, you don’t start, and each week, month, or year you continue to set similar goals for yourself with an underlying feeling of guilt that you haven’t already just bit the bullet and taken control and done what you said you wanted to do.

3) It’s so much easier to stay in your comfort zone rather than adopt new habits and consciously create a better life for yourself. Change can be hard to accept and it takes a deep commitment to succeed. You have to be super clear on why you want this for yourself. It’s takes a major amount of courage to go against the grain and to live unconventionally (sadly, being on a super progressive diet and lifestyle is considered to be so). “There is never a crowd on the leading edge.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

These are the reasons that I see come up again and again in my work with clients. If you want to shorten the learning curve for eating more healthfully and living a cleaner lifestyle, check out this article I wrote on “how to shorten the learning curve for anything“.

My advice is to take things bite by bite. The right simple changes can bring profound and miraculous results! This is my favorite strategy in coaching others to gain control of their health so we cut overwhelm out of the equation and really focus on the few things that they/you/I will actually do initially… and then do them each with 1000% commitment. It works. You gain positive momentum after you’ve achieved even small successes and this carries you to adopt healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices – choice by choice. Start with where you are – get really clear on where that is and don’t kid yourself. Then, either work with someone who can truly help you, or go as far as you can on your own and never stop learning, soaking in new knowledge, and finding ways to inspire yourself.

You have to know that you ARE worth it. No matter who you are and even with all the mistakes you’ve made, you deserve to be healthier. You really have a bright future ahead of you and it can be exponentially better if you’re feeling amazing much more often than not. Release the same story you’ve been telling yourself and just do something to make your life different! I’m here giving you permission if you need it and to reinforce that you have to do this for yourself to save your life!

We are bombarded with toxins, pollutants, and harsh realities. Do everything you can to reverse the damage that’s been done (we all need a bit of damage control) and take your health to the next level. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF … keep coming back to this. It’s the #1 mindset you need to have to design a healthy life that rewards you beyond your wildest dreams.

What is the fuel that makes you take action with regard to your health?
Post your insights in the comments section and let’s help each other out!

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About Bethanne Wanamaker

Bethanne Wanamaker is a certified holistic nutritionist, conscious living expert, and the founder of Edible Goddess, an international health & lifestyle brand that cares deeply about your empowerment. She teaches progressive strategies that awaken you to your highest potential by following the body's inherent wisdom and aligning with an intentional mindset, holistic approach, self nourishing practices, and high self value. Bethanne advocates gradual yet significant shifts of upgraded dietary choices that ultimately lead you to the freedom and confidence of eating intuitively. By living in harmony with nature, you can have what you want. She is known for getting results quickly with committed clients who want to live a wildly rewarding, super fun, truly healthy and happy life!

4 comments on “Postponing Your Health is a Death Sentence

  1. Inspiring Articles! My fuel is my family…especially my 8 month old baby boy….I know I have to be healthy for him!

  2. What fuels me: The excitement of knowing that there is no end to improving my health. Just like there is no limit to happiness. It can keep going up and up and up… I know that I deserve that. AND my health is vital for my ability to do things that are bigger than myself. The outside world depends on my inside world. Start now with Bethanne’s recommendations and you will get immediate momentum!

  3. Just the fact that there is so much lined up against us and the natural world pushes me ahead 1000 % if we dont make these changes and right away we are going to be another victim on the long line of people that quite dont make the commitment and end up with these diseases. You can be on the path to sterility or on the path to altermite health. I have already made the commitment and changed my diet! I am no longer eating the death and sterility diet. Its so much better to be allined with the natural world!

    • I LOVE that you call the old school dietary approach and paradigm the “death and sterility diet”, Robert. LOL. Yes, it is. Living water + living food = life affirming realities. Stay inspired always and be sure to share your passion for extraordinary health and vitality with those around you.


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