Calling All Food Revolutionaries

Exciting news! Bestselling author John Robbins is personally interviewing 21 people who are leaders in movements for healthy, sustainable, humane and delicious food. From April 28 – May 6, there will be 3 interviews broadcast daily, and you can listen in – for free. You’ll get cutting edge disease-beating, health-activating, age-reversing information. These tools can help you and your family to thrive and to make a difference in the world.

After seeing John Robbins speak LIVE at the LongevityNOW Conference in 2010, I am interested in hearing all that he has to say. His presentation was so genuine, heart-felt, and profound that I, and much of the conference room, was tearing up at the powerful stories he shared. WOW. I was deeply moved with how open he was and the sincere message he brings forth. I’m even more of a fan now than I was when I initially read his books, Diet for a New America and The Food Revolution several years ago – which I highly recommend. They are the catalyst for many people on their health journey!

In case you want to see part of his presentation from that conference, you can catch quite a bit of it here on YouTube (there’s a part 1, 2, and 3).

This summit that he and his son, Ocean Robbins, have put together offers up-to-date, highly useful information from an amazing array of inspiring voices including expert doctors and acclaimed researchers such as Dean Ornish, MD (Preventive Medicine Research Institute) and T. Colin Cambell, Ph.D (The China Study); NY Times best-selling authors Marianne Williamson (Spiritual Principles for Weight Loss) and Kathy Freston (Quantum Wellness); Culture-changers and icons such as Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) and Rory Freedman (Skinny Bitch); Natural health pioneers such as Joseph Mercola ( and David Wolfe (Radiant Health Now); Food system innovators such as Vandana Shiva (How to Stop Big Ag) and Ronnie Cummins (Organic Consumers Association), and many more inspiring visionaries. This will be EPIC!

The Summit offers training, inspiration and practical know-how from modern day heroes of health and sustainability. Participants are promised answers to burning questions, tools for dealing with family and peers, and practically useful insights, ideas, motivation and tips, all from the comfort and convenience of your phone and computer. Stay at home… listen in… and learn how to make an extremely positive impact.

The summit will include focus on the latest thinking on preventing and reversing heart disease, cancer and diabetes; the truth about GMOs, soy, raw foods, and grass-fed beef; the social, ethical and environmental impact of what you eat; and how to inspire your family to join you in making healthy choices.

Learn more and register for free, here: The Food Revolution Summit. I’ll be listening to the calls with you. This is something we all need to hear!

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