Whip Up Your Own Edible Face Masques & Eye Cream

I thought it may be nice to offer you some of my favorite, make-it-at-home raw skincare recipes. Create your products in the kitchen since you’ll be using ingredients direct from the fridge or countertop. Some of you may already know about these fab combinations that work on virtually any skin type and if so, then rawk on. If not, I wanted to provide SIMPLE, easy and super quick ideas to brighten your look and have good time while you’re at it.

If you’re not into making your own and want holistic beauty products that are freshly made for you, check out my Edible Goddess Skincare line!


Herbal Infused Coconut Beauty Oil

There is only 1 rule when making products:

EVERYTHING MUST BE EDIBLE AND ORGANIC. No excuses, no exceptions. Otherwise, you miss the entire purpose for edible skincare. If you need convincing, please contact me to find out my upcoming schedule and come to one of my classes in the Bay area.

Nana Mash Whip (face masque)
* 1/2 banana
* 1/2 avocado
* swirl of raw local honey
* pinch of spirulina
Apply to your gorgeous face, let it nourish your skin for 15 mins or so, and follow the guidelines for applying masques below.

Volcanic Clay Face (or Body) Masque
* equal amounts of zeolite powder with either red, green, or white kaolin clay (I use 1 tsp of each); mix together in a small bowl with 1 tsp flower water, spring water, or infused medicinal tea (vary your choices each time), a pinch of Vitamineral Green, and a couple drops of organic essential oil if desired.
Apply to your beautiful face, let it nourish your skin for 15 mins or so, and follow the guidelines for applying masques below.

Want to really take your beauty regimen up a notch? Here’s some super rawkin additions IF you have them. If not, please know these are additions that you can include when you do have them in your Superfood stocked kitchen:
* angstrom sulfur (bioavailable form of MSM)
* aloe gel (from the plant itself or as an alternative use aloe powder) – NOT the juice or any packaged aloe product (many contain undisclosed parabens!)
* lavender flower powder, burdock rt powder, dandelion powder, nettle rt powder, rose hips powder (I source from Mountain Rose Herbs)

Application Guidelines for Face or Body Masques: Apply them and then RELAX. Use this time to chill out (aka meditate in your own way), soak in a bath or jacuzzi, stretch your body (when was the last time you did that at home?), lay in a room all to yourself and embrace the quiet, receive a foot massage from your lover, say cheesy affirmations out loud (preferably) about how amazing you are, or say out loud the attitudes of wealth (winning the ‘mind’ or ‘money’ game) – those of you who have been to Millionaire Mind know what I’m talking about.

Need an EYE Cream? Melt any amount of raw cacao butter on LOW heat (my preferred method is by a water bath or in a dehydrator) and once melted, mix with organic rose hip seed oil in a ratio of 4:1 (this is an estimate – experiment to see for yourself what texture / softness you prefer). Or – buy my Wake Up Sunshine Eye Cream here!


Got brown spots (aka liver spots) on your face? Gently rub thin lemon slices onto them, rest the slices on your face, or squeeze lemon into any of your recipes for a lightening boost.

If you enjoyed these ideas and want more, you’ll love my Homemade Edible Skincare eBook!

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9 comments on “Whip Up Your Own Edible Face Masques & Eye Cream

  1. I love these natural ways to take care of myself! After battling Breast cancer (a rogue agressive tumor landing in my breast) I've become very aware of all the 'junk' to put it nicely in our food and care products.

    I look forward to reading more.

  2. That's amazing! You're such a survivor & have unlimited healing potential! Stay clear of parabens … and stay informed!

  3. Thanks, Miss B! I'm with you–organic, edible, and (most often) raw is the way to go. Thanks to David, I'm a major fan of raw cacao everything. Such simple luxury! I hope you'll share more recipes (like face cream) and healthy ideas for extending shelf life. I want to make my family some goodies for the holidays and don't want them to spoil too quickly. Thanks!

  4. I have raw cacao in just about every skincare recipe I've made! It's sooo wonderful for the skin and so versatile as well (& helps to preserve and thicken).

    I'm thinking about publishing an eBook… yet will also share some simple, easy to make in your kitchen recipes. The book will reaaaally get into it 😉

  5. So excited to hear about your e-book–I know you have a wealth of info and experience to share– and so glad to see you re-inspired and reinvented as Edible Goddess. Best of everything to you, sweetpea! Keep up the great work!

  6. i LOVE this, Bethanne! didn’t know about no coconut oil under the eyes. really apprecialove the depth of yur knowledge, how generous u r with it and all the links to great products u provide. can’t wait for my next free whole day so i can sit down and read everything uv written for hours!

    here’s to the best day ever, AGAIN!

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