Healing From A Car Accident

What happens when something effects your health status / physical body that you didn’t expect or intentionally prepare for? As a raw Superfoodie with all the tools, potions, and secret weapons, I’m covered in case of most emergencies, and a minor car accident, such as the one I was in mid-last week is no exception. I’ve received many requests for me to post my healing strategy for these coming weeks and this is what I got so far.

First, I’d like to mention that I am very fortunate; things could have of course been much worse and I do not take that for granted for one minute. My practitioners have mentioned that I already am, and will heal 100 times faster than the average person due to my lifestyle and eating habits. Ah… what a relief! Because I put food into my body that is already medicinal and therapeutic, I am leaps ahead of where I could be. This information applies to all injuries, traumas, and recovery of any kind: we are more resilient when we fuel our bodies with superior nutrition and can bounce back to the surprise of others.

I believe that thoughts play a major role in healing and I do not believe accidents happen by accident. Things happen for a reason and it’s all a matter of perspective. You can disagree, but in my life experience thus far, I’ve come to see that #1: nothing is put in front of you that you cannot handle, and 2# there are no accidents – read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay if you think there is a such thing.


The Healing Regenerative Recovery Program:

Morning – fresh homemade vegetable juice
Afternoon – cacao Superfood Blendie (aka: medicinal smoothie) with all my usual Superfoods (green powder, raw cacao, maca, zeolites, and heavy, therapeutic amounts of MSM)
SnacksWildBar, goji berries, Inca berries
Evening – Superfood salad (mix of leafy greens) with my favorite Creamy Dreamy Green Goddess Dressing (with turmeric and cayenne)
DessertRaw Chocolate Dream Nuggets, raw Superfood fudge, or raw banana ice cream (you can whip this up in minutes – no juicer needed, just a food processor) – or I pass on this & finish up the blendie from earlier. These are all guilt-free by the way… so potentially I could have them for breakfast if I wanted, and sometimes I do 🙂

And For the ‘Extras’…
* Easy Qi from Dragon Herbs – just learned about this & am elated there is something specific for the back, neck & shoulders!

* I’m boosting up my intake of Vitamin C thru: Truly Vitamin C and Camu Camu Berry – vitamin C sourced from food actually helps speed recovery. Mix it in spring water or add to a smoothie.

* Vitamineral Green, ReVitaPhi, and Earth – if you’ve ever read this blog, you know I’m nuts over these products, and that’s a good thing, because as noted above, they’ve created a pretty strong resilient body that has the power to reduce inflammation quicker than had I not been made up of these foods.

* Anything with Enzymes: Living food, actual enzyme supplements, and the Island Fire Elixir (which I used to heal my injured / sprained ankle earlier this year) – it has turmeric, colloidal minerals, and Tahitian Noni

* Shots of wheatgrass are not normally part of my routine, but I’m doing 1 oz shots each time I go down to Seattle for the bodywork sessions.


I’m a very low maintenance girl, yet for quite a while I’ll have a high maintenance (pretty strict as recommended) regimen. I’m seeing a holistic (non-traditional / non-‘cracking’ style) chiropractor 4 times per week, a massage therapist 3 times per week, and am doing Bikram yoga (hot yoga – best yoga ever) at least every other day.

I’m spending 3 hours a day, most days per week, doing this bodywork therapy. Had this accident not happened, there’s no chance I would have made the time to ‘pamper’ myself like this. Practicing Bikram yoga consistently has not been my strength despite my deep desire to be a raw yoga girl. And yet now, I am feeling compelled to do Bikram as a key component in my recovery because when I am in that heated room I can do immensely more with my body than when I’m not.

I wonder how in the world I would be able to do all this work on myself if I worked a 9-5 JOB? There’s just no chance it would be possible to take this much time away without losing massive money; thank the Goddesses for passive income.

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