The Art of Allowing Workshop; Abraham-Hicks, Part 1

Two weeks ago, I was blessed enough to go to the Art of Allowing workshop with Abraham-Hicks. I’d heard about it months ago that Jerry & Esther were coming to Seattle and I jumped on the chance to see this event in person. I had written it in my datebook and could have sworn I bought a ticket, only to realize literally the night before the event at about midnight when I thought to confirm and print out the email receipt that I couldn’t find it anywhere. Had I not bought the ticket? Guess not… and in my excitement, I must’ve somehow let it slip by as time passed.

And so I went anyway, knowing that I was meant to be there, for whatever reason I did not yet know, but knowing it was going to be big – I mean this is an in-person experience with the material I’ve been feverishly studying since February! They couldn’t find my proof of paid purchase and so I paid the extra to get in because at that point I didn’t care what it cost. All I wanted was to get in and felt lucky to even get standing room (all of this was happening within 5 mins of the start of the event!). How did the super-tall usher manage to get me a seat then in the 4th row, directly center of the stage? Manifestation baby…

It began as all the CD’s do, with Esther quieting her mind and allowing Abraham to come through. The energy of the room was quiet after the hundreds of people stopped chatting, sat in their seats and awaited the answers they came for. The first person to be called upon (which is the coolest thing ever how it’s done, with Esther pointing ‘over here’, and dozens standing, and that 1 person knowing it’s them that’s being called to the ‘hot seat’, which was literally taped & secured to the floor) was the girl in the pink sweatshirt.

She began overly enthusiastic about her new understanding of the Abraham-Hicks material and the revelations that lifted the cloud of her previous thinking. Due to the audio CD’s and reading the books, her perspectives had seemed to change for the positive, with just 1 aspect still needing great work. She spoke about her desire as an actress and her frustrating encounters with those in the position who made the decision that she was not ever right (thin enough, beautiful enough, perfect enough) for the roles she auditioned for. What did she need to do to not only get the parts, but also to recognize these unrealistic ideals, and to accept herself just as she was?

A very difficult feat seeing as though acting is an industry that picks you apart and strips you down, making you feel as though you are not enough, from where you currently stand. I know I was not the only one in that audience looking at this beautiful girl in the pink sweatshirt thinking these ‘superiors’ were crazy for not hiring her! She exuded such initial confidence until she expressed her heartfelt pain rooted in outside judgment. Her inner and external beauty absolutely could not be denied. How could they make her feel any less and why was she even listening to these people? I was disgusted with these people for making her feel this way and sob tears of disappointment in herself in front of hundreds of us, our unfamiliar faces.

Abraham pulled to the core of the issue… what was the emotion that she was feeling? She said disappointment. Frustration. Dissipated hope. Anger. Minutes later, Abraham knew these just scratched the surface. Give us more. What really describes the way you’re feeling? SELF-HATRED, SELF-LOATHING. My heart sank when she said this and I felt the energy in the room shift to even more overwhelming compassion. I wanted to run up and give this girl the biggest hug ever as she wiped her tears, showing no fear, just deeply yearning for self-acceptance.

TO BE CONTINUED… (soon, I promise!)

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4 comments on “The Art of Allowing Workshop; Abraham-Hicks, Part 1

  1. Wow, amazing! Thank you for sharing this. I was expecting a general description, but you have a true gift as a writer and either an amazing memory or a memo recorder. It was like being there again. I can't wait to read the next part(s). Thanks again.

  2. Thanks SOOO much Eric! Maybe I'm a gifted writer with a good memory for things I'm passionate about?! 😉

    Beginning to write the next posts & have 2 more coming within the next week. So appreciative that you're reading this!

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