You Choose: Is it Breakfast or Dessert?

I used to ask the question, ‘What’s for dessert?’ every single night as a child. Fortunately, now, I make my own desserts and they don’t come out of a carton or box. Some of them (like this one below) also happen to double as a decadent breakfast – and are still such a healthier option than the cinnamon rolls we all grew up with. Some might look at what I’m eating for dessert (don’t limit this recipe to dessert only though!) and wonder just how long it took to prepare, thinking that anything that can’t be scooped right out of the package is too much work. I have to admit, I used to feel this way and was somewhat intimidated with the idea of whipping up a raw sweet treat until that was put to rest with Naked Chocolate. This book changed my perception of what a real indulgence is and actually proved that even I (Miss Disaster in the Kitchen When the Oven is On) could make mouth-watering recipes.

This is really for those of you who do not have the Naked Chocolate book yet (what are you waiting for?), as I’m copying the recipes directly since they always turn out perfect. If I had to pick my absolute favorite.. it would be.. the Chocolate Entangled Cinnamon Roll (that’s my name for it):

Dark Chocolate Sauce (for the Cinnamon Rolls)
4 heaping tbsp raw chocolate powder
3 tbsp raw agave necter
1/2 tsp coconut oil

Mix all ingredients together to form a paste (I love watching it go from all powdery to the consistency of frosting). Add more agave if you need it runnier; add more coconut oil if you need it creamier. Store remainder of what you don’t use on the rolls in fridge and spread it on to everything!

Cinnamon Rolls
1 Serving of Dark Chocolate Sauce (couple spoonfuls)
Ground Cinnamon
1 cup of pecans, not soaked
1 cup of medjool dates, stoned

Blend the pecans and dates together in a food processor to make a dough. Dust some cinnamon onto a clean work surface (bamboo cutting board is good), and place the dough on it (dough is a bit oily). Sprinkle some more cinnamon on top of the dough and flatten it out, adding more cinnamon if it ever get sticky.

Once the dough is about 1/4 inch thick, cut or round out the edges so they are neat (make a square). Spread the chocolate sauce evenly on top. Pick up one side of dough and start to roll to the other side, so you end up with a spiraled log. Chill the log in the fridge (it will be relatively soft and is best when cool) and then cut into slices of heaven.

To see a picture of the Cinnamon Rolls, just click on any of the links in this post and scroll down. Naked Chocolate provides several mineral-rich shakes, yummy morsels of goodness, and versions of chocolate desserts you’ve probably never heard of (like the chocolate pizza!). Isn’t it time we stop feeling guilty for indulging in the best food ever?

If you chose to make this in place of the traditional gooey, saturated, and heavy cinnamon rolls (with heavy cream, butter, eggs, and white flour) that bring back those memories we can all relate to, the results would show on the outside. You know that at some point you’ll treat yourself to something ‘sinful’, so you may as well devour what will make you look good too!

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