Intentions and Opportunities (Part 2)

Here I go ready to publicly announce more intentions for the year 2009. Continuation from last post:

6) By this Spring, I plan to be a regular vendor at the Sunday Farmer’s Market in Ballard. I would like to be already, but have run into an unexpected snafu. Upon handing over my filled out paperwork, I learned that the Dept. of Agriculture sometimes makes visits to the markets to make sure everyone is abiding by the rules/regulations. Because the name of my skincare line is currently Organic Healing Skincare, I may run into problems if they see me and all my marketing materials, without an organic certification (even though the ingredients are certified organic themselves). I have some choices: I could chance it (they and other vendors recommend this) – and if they show, tell them I have begun the certification process and cover up everything that says ‘organic’, I could change the skincare name (ugh, headache, but still a big possibility), or I could not be a vendor at the markets. I have no idea what’s in the cards for this one. Ah, a crossroads. I would love to to build local support for the skincare line and jump through this one hurdle. I’m open to receiving feedback on this one, and if you have any name ideas, forward them along!

7) I will be exhibiting at the Seattle Green Festivals on March 28-29 and have secured a wonderful booth because I signed up so early. I’ll post the booth # as the event gets closer, but you can expect to see me right next to the Festival Sponsors! You’ll be able to experience Organic Healing as 2 Raw Spirit Festivals this year: Santa Barbara, CA (June 5-7) and Prescott, AZ (Sept 26-27). These events are definitely the best gatherings in existence – an absolute must if you feel drawn by the living foods and superfoods movement (which I gather you are if you’re reading my blog!). At all 3 festivals (and maybe even more), you’ll get to sample (and purchase) the recent talk of the town – Elements for Life products. This way, you can beautify internally and externally – the best remedy for flawless stunning skin.

8) Last month I did a Special Skincare Offer and it was wildly successful. I will now take some time to refine a few of my handcrafted products and will not be doing the Special Offer this month as I expected. I received really wonderful constructive feedback (except for the 1 person who took advantage of the offer and broke the mutual agreement – shame on you, that’s really bad karma) and will be working as always to refine, re-formulate, and perfect, making the very best healing skincare creations ever. I intend to have a similar Special Offer again and will make the announcement when the time is right!

9) Bumping up the frequency that I do self-guided detoxification programs (juice cleanses, 1 day a week liquid/blended food only fasts, the HealthForce Healing Cleanse) and routine activity (for the winter, it’s all about Bikram hot yoga, running, and hiking). I have been wanting to do weekly juice fasts, and will be starting this week! My healthy eating habits come naturally; I do believe we all have the innate knowing of what to consume for superior health.

10) The last intention I’ll list here is to continue to passionately spread the word of Superfoods, raw foods, cleansing, juicing, and medicinal herbs – all to heal the body, inside and out. My raw food classes and workshops will be starting up in the coming months in Seattle (and maybe even beyond).

I hope you’ve created a list for yourself as I have and are ready to jump on board to an enlightened way of living. Don’t let anything stop you, and please, don’t compromise yourself.

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