Meet My Angel Love Baby!

On March 2, I gave birth to the most precious baby girl that is perfection beyond my wildest visions! ! She’s an absolute dream angel. We named her Ella Pearl!

Before I share some of our story, I want to let you know that I was interviewed by The Birth Hour Podcast, and you can listen to our talk HERE – after you read this blog πŸ™‚

In another interview, with Kate Magic (friend, colleague of mine + renowned superfood trainer in the UK), I discuss why I made the decisions I did during pregnancy, details of my labor, and my parenting approach. Check it out HERE!

Just a couple days old β™₯

I’m so in love with my sweet Ella Pearl!! She has brought me the most dynamic gift a woman could experience: motherhood – with a learning curve and life of joy that I am so very grateful to experience πŸ™‚ It really is something else! True, pregnancy is so fully and completely a deep rite of passage on endless levels and I looooooved my 9 months so very much, but postpartum is no joke. The passage continues, and in a way whether you’re ready for it or not. Intense, magical, overwhelming, heart-melting, and the greatest sense of contentment I’ve felt in my life – as though my life now has a sense of completion incomparable to before.

I get why I’m here. I get why I went through everything in my life as I have (to obtain the very skills I need to be the mother I want to be). I get why I had to the ride the waves of life in the way I did so that I can be exactly who I am today, to show up as I do for my Ella Pearl. It’s perfect. A long rough road perhaps (as life can be when we seek to express the highest versions of ourselves), and all of that defined my character, personality, attitude, and presence. SO thankfulΒ β™₯


Mark and I took time to announce her name on social media, since we wanted to really be sure that this life-long decision was right, and that no other name came to us that we liked better. We’d like people to call her the full Ella Pearl, because it’s just so beautiful and captures her being as we see it.

Last October when I was exhibiting my product lines at the Women’s Wellness Conference, it was clear as bright blue skies that her name was to be Pearl (if I was to have a girl). Pearls are rare precious gems that have a sparkle and iridescence to them, lighting up the areas to where they are. She is my bright light in life! As well, for many years now – and so many of you already know this – I have a strong affinity toward Pearl, the Chinese herbal tonic that is so very highly revered in this medical system.

Throughout my pregnancy (and prior to) I took baths in our freshwater pearl extract, and not surprisingly I ended up with no stretch marks or tearing of the skin. I’d shake some into the bath and soak in every lovely moment of this nightly ritual. I took the Pearl Powder several times each week by adding it to my hot teas (the pearl powder dissolves instantly), homemade broths, soups, raw chocolate bars, and also as a face mask with other edible organic goodies πŸ™‚

Everything you do brings you to be where you’re at. This is why it’s encouraged to give thanks for every situation you find yourself in, as it will lead you to where you’re evolving to.

I’m a very present mom. I practice attachment parenting, meaning that I am with my little girl all day and night long – with very little breaks. The exceptions are when I go for a bike ride, take a Dailey Method class (barre fitness, yoga, Pilates, strength training), or visit my acupuncturist + herbalist. I’ve gone to sleep each night with Ella Pearl in my arms, cradled up close, or next to me as I nurse her into dreamland.

She sleeps on our bed with us, and it’s convenient, and has never been an issue other than making things easier. I breastfeed on demand, whenever she wants – meaning that I spend A LOT of my day and night carrying her, laying with her, and sitting with her. I wear her in wraps and was gifted a couple to rotate between (Ergo Baby and Baby Ktan) – I’d like to get the Solly Baby Wrap asap as well.

I do my best to be as present as ever possible with her in these most sacred moments of nursing, as I know 1 day I’ll look back on them and genuinely miss them!! I am striking a balance between keeping technology away from me and her (phone, laptop), and having it nearby to snap photos, and attempt to get some things done and checked. It’s a dance, as is all of this, but this especially – and I think about it often. I do not want her to recognize my phone, to ever think or see me looking at my devices instead of her. Call me extreme, but it’s at the forefront of my mind (hence a temp break from blogging and working).

We tend to her needs and do not believe in letting her cry things out on her own, but honestly she is not the crying type of baby at all πŸ™‚ Ella Pearl is our goji happy baby, perfectly combined with being a Reishi baby (due to the adaptogenic tonics I consumed pre and during pregnancy). She’s so very alert, and advanced for her age from what I’m told (rolled over at 7 weeks from front to back and the reverse at 3 months, takes steps while her hold her up, and has been holding her head up strong since a couple months ago). I haven’t spent much time with babies in my life so child development is new, and EXCITING! I’m just so thrilled she is who she is and that she’s my snuggle-y, smart sweet girl.

Thanks for being here and celebrating this bundle of pure cuddly joy with us, and I invite you to check the blog soon as I’ll share my journey with postpartum life in the next post. I’m currently coaching woman in preparing for an easy, sacred rite of passage, guiding her through every aspect that she’ll move through – as well as thru pregnancy (or partial support). Having me as your mentor is ideal for those who want to embody non-traditional, unconventional teachings, with a super holistic and progressive, empowered mindset. IT CAN BE DONE, and I speak from experience! If you have questions you’d like answered, or just want to talk openly about all things pregnancy – reach out to me πŸ™‚ I WISH YOU THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

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