Vegan Mac N’ Cheese with Creamy Yam Sauce, Red Bell Peppers & Squash


Welcome to autumn, the ideal time to be getting cozy and loved up with nourishing warm foods, made from scratch, at home! As someone who adores the creamy consistency, macaroni and cheese was always a personal top favorite dish. I’ve made quite a few versions, and this is my most recent one – initially inspired by a recipe on This Rawsome Vegan Life – a blog dedicated to sharing about the (primarily raw) vegan lifestyle. So, this is not an original recipe. I appreciate the recipe idea, and made it my own with the Edible Goddess flair 🙂


* nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, peanut-free, gmo-free


Bake your medium sized organic yam at 425 degrees for approx 45 minutes. No need to make it super squishy, but soft enough to be well cooked through. I chop mine into pieces and add a spoonful or two of extra virgin organic coconut oil, high quality sea salt, with sprinkles of cinnamon & turmeric powders.

While your yam is cookin’ away, in a pot on the stove top cook 2 yellow potatoes that have been chopped. Please use clean pure water such as living spring water, and never fluoridated tap water! I do not peel them. After cooking for 15 minutes or so, I add a few local heirloom carrots (purple, yellow, cream & orange colors) to the pot and let them spend time together.

In the meantime, in another pot, cook up your gluten-free noodles – I like to use organic brown rice spirals as the spirals hold in more of the cheese sauce as opposed to traditional penne style noodles. Follow the instructions for the noodles you choose; I do not rinse them. Strain, and have ready for when the sauce is complete.

Now that your foundational recipes are well on their way, begin adding the CHEESE SAUCE ingredients to your high speed blender! Here’s the recipe that seems to work like a charm for me. However, there will be slight variations each time you make it as I do not measure obsessively precisely. Use your intuition – and taste test = a winning combo! 🙂

YAM CHEESE SAUCE (slightly spicy, if you like)

* the potatoes and carrots (scoop out from your pot and into your blender
* 1/2 cup of the cooking water (should be a light beautiful pink color from the heirloom carrots)* 1/2 an organic yellow onion
* 2 tablespoons organic miso paste
* 1 tablespoon organic raw sauerkraut (simple is better for this)
* 1 tablespoon organic raw tahini
* 1/2 teaspoon organic turmeric powder
1/2 teaspoon organic chipotle powder
* few fresh cloves of garlic (to your liking)
* 1/2 – 1 teaspoon high quality sea salt

Blend on high, using the Vita-Mix tamper to be sure all ingredients have blended well. The sauce should be warm since you added warm potatoes, carrots, and yams. The consistency of the cheese sauce should be somewhat similar to what would come from a packaged mac n’ cheese sauce (processed food, like Velveeta) that you tear open and mix with the noodles.

Mix your oodles of noodles with this creamy yum sauce and eat from a bowl that is beautiful! Add fresh heirloom organic tomatoes, steamed kale, chopped summer squash, mushrooms, and any other vegetables that feel like they’d go well in this dish!

Do you love this dish? Please share the recipe, tell people about the Edible Goddess blog, and let’s get thousands (… millions) more beautiful people on our planet eating more mindfully!



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