SuperFruit Acai Bowl Recipe (best you’ll ever have)


SUPERFRUIT ACAI BOWL with Rainier Cherries, Fresh Figs, Local Bee Pollen, Heirloom Raw Cacao + Bananas

1/2 cup organic raw coconut water
1.5 frozen organic bananas (good thick size)
1/2 packet unsweetened frozen acai
3 fresh organic figs
1/4 cup fresh organic local Rainier cherries
2 teaspoons Everlasting Vitality & Youth (aka EVY)
2 teaspoons organic raw chocolate powder
2 teaspoons Vitamineral Green
1 teaspoon fresh bee pollen

Blend all ingredients on high in the Vita-Mix until blended well. Pour into your favorite ceramic mug or bowl, dress with toppings of choice, and devour with delight! Mmmm Mmmm, this one is certainly 1 of my best acai combos so far.

Heirloom organic raw vegan chocolate chips
Fresh local organic bee pollen (check your local co-op)
Organic raw coconut shreds
Fresh organic ripe fruit (yellow nectarines, cherries & banana were my chosen fruit toppings today)

Want to learn about the benefits of FIGS? This is a cool nutrition site to read more about them.

I do love my fresh (always always always only organic) fruit, and want to be sure to emphasize that this recipe NEEDS the tonic herbs from my Everlasting Vitality beauty blend AND the alkalizing greens from Vitamineral Green to bring total balance to this recipe. Without these 2 products infused in – your blood sugar may lift up into outer space and you may not feel so grounded. Be mindful of this so that you can relish in the cleansing and anti-oxidant-rich properties of fresh fruity food, while not over-doing it or becoming a fruitarian. BALANCE.

I enjoy plenty of fresh local organic fruit on its’ own, however when making smoothies, it’s the opportune time to blend calming nutritive herbs into the mix so you experience the best of both worlds. Without adaptogenic tonics, I have no idea the kind of person I’d be. They keep me calm, give me a sense that everything is going to be okay, allow me to breathe deep before responding (reacting / over-reacting).

How amazing would it feel if you always maintained COMPOSURE under dire circumstances? Life falls apart? That’s cool, you’ve collected enough zen through your daily dose of tonic herbalism that you have no worries .. it’s not shaken your world upside down like it used to. THAT’S how I live my life now ..

Here’s what you’ll receive in my signature instant tonic elixir blend (it’s 100% water soluble):

EVY Ingredients Screenshot

There seems to be some in the holistic nutrition educational realm that support non-organic produce, and I want to be explicitly clear that I am not 1 of them. When you choose anything other than organic, you are choosing pesticides, herbicides, sprays, and seriously – who the heck knows what else. Yes, there ARE loopholes in organic AND it’s critical to know the farmer from where you buy (hence the infinite benefit of shopping at your local farmers market so you can ask appropriate questions).

I realize that not every area in the United States has an abundance of organic produce, and yes of course – DO THE BEST YOU CAN. You vote with your dollar, and 1 person can change the world. So, speak up for what you want, tell others, band together to create a stronger demand and play an active role in improving the soil / community / environment and food that is near and dear to you.

Also consider that with some food – organic is INFERIOR – such as with wildcrafted foods (aka food that grows in the wild, and herbs that are certified pesticide free but because of their region in the world, there is literally no organic certification). Have perspective. I’m saying that when shopping at your grocery store, BUY ORGANIC. Your health – your life – YOU … the beautiful human that you are – IS WORTH the few extra pennies.



THESE are the kinds of recipes that are included in my Elixir Juice Cleanse – the unconventional high vibrational nutrient-packed cleanse I’ve guided women + men through for over 5 years (and have done myself a dozen+ times). If you’d like support via coaching directly with me (and you’re as committed to your health as I am to your health), contact me and let’s see if we’d work well together! 🙂

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