Setting Myself on Fire

I had to set myself on fire this past year.

In extremely emotionally challenging times, you may have no choice but to set yourself on fire – symbolically speaking of course. Burn away the pain, hurt, sadness, devastation, aggravation, frustration, loss, feelings of separation, and heartache. Doing so provides you with a relief of suffering that frees your soul.

At times, it may be so painful that all you can do is close your eyes, cry your heart out, and pray for someone / something to help you. Light yourself up, watch in awe as the flames roar, realize you may stoke them even though you desperately want the fire to go out, and thank God / Goddess for the huge pile of ashes that fall. You’re ready to begin anew, wash away what sets you back, and ignite the new reality of your ideal storybook. Be willing to do whatever it takes to have all that you want. This is new paradigm thinking!

I’ve been there, watching my fire burn and it’s been 1 of the 2 things in my life that has completely set me free (the other being forgiveness in its most full expression ever possible). There is a sense of deep liberation & empowerment in surrendering into the space where you say that you just don’t know what to do anymore, how to do it, and that you give in (this is not giving up!).

“When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.”

I personally interpret and take action on the meaning of this quote in a particular way: I PUSH MYSELF .. I get outside of my comfort zone and step into liberation .. I move into a space of such challenge (often physically) that it feels crazy or near impossible, and commit with every morsel of my being to getting through whatever it is. This is 1 way to “set yourself on fire”. It’s breaking yourself down in a sense to break free. It’s re-filling yourself up after feeling empty with loss (or whatever is relevant to you). To me, this is a next level strategy for COPING – not escaping. It’s embracing, accepting, and TRANSCENDING…

Below is an example of when I was at the base of Nauyaca Waterfalls (90+ foot high) in Costa Rica with the water crashing into me at race-car speed and intensity, and I wanted to stay true to my decision to do something epic for a super sweet memory to take home with me. Surrendering on any level I possibly can. Back-bends in this situation proved to be the hardest thing I could think of in that moment. I do things physically like make my body BURN (like running up hills both forwards + backwards, for long periods of time), to process emotions swiftly and efficiently. It’s 1 of the best self-induced therapies I’ve got on my side. Power thru it like a champion…



I’ve learned the greatest lessons and made the most profound revelations from being absolutely crushed on some level. I recognize that my entire life has set me up to become the master of picking up the shattered pieces and painting an epic masterpiece. Seeing your skill set as a revered artist who beautifully draws your past, present, and future into existence IS what I feel to be a fabulous description for freedom. We all seek it, and thankfully we all have the power to hone it, and live it.

Stepping away from your life to another location relatively far away allows you to cut the energetic cords to unhealthy behaviors that you know do not serve you, emotionally destructive habits, and people that you need a break from. Perhaps this pause in your life and in the choices you knowingly make wi ll give you the courage and strength needed to follow through with your commitment to acting in alignment with your highest good.

I believe that:

You know what you need to do. You know if you’re ready. You know what will feel best. You know your own truth. You know bright days shine ahead. You know without question that you will be exactly all that you could ever want to be … and if you feel doubt in this moment as you read this perhaps because circumstances are really rough and you’re keeping your head afloat in 1 way or another – let me be the one to tell you that the answer(s) for you could show up on a silver platter IF you are ready.

Your future includes countless moments of you walking around smiling to yourself in both private and publicly because your life has been lit up so gloriously and the feeling will sweep you right off your feet.

Do you think that I can help you transform your health, business, and/or life into something so unbelievably magical that you literally breathe gratitude with every step you take through your day? If so, know that I work best with people who are committed like a rocket ship to being their most beautiful expression, in full, without apologizing for it. Be all that you can be, and consider that I may be able to help you feel true happiness so much sooner than later because I’ve refined your strategy, clear-cutted the bullsh*t, and am your dedicated cheerleader.

If you are one who desires to look deep into your perceived shadow and do some heart-expanding inner work with my guidance + support, then book your game-changing session HERE.

I’m happy to share that my Conscious Living & Business Mastermind Retreat was a beautiful success, the guests have turned into dear friends, and I experienced some of the highest feelings of love, appreciation, and happiness that my heart and body has ever lived through. I’ve been sharing my pictures on social media (Instagram and Facebook), but if you haven’t spent much time on there recently I’ll share some here of highlights here! Some of my favorite times included reading meditations to our group from a book I love called Journey to the Heart, and passages from The Motivation Manifesto – a book by my long-time mentor Brendon Burchard.

We’re planning another retreat in November, once again in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica – so keep an eye out on the events page for more details on that soon!


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