5 Ways to Eat More Greens to Re-energize, Remineralize, and Recharge Your Body & Health

Leafy greens are powerhouses of minerals, vitamins, antioxidant, phyto-nutrients, and so much more. Low in calories but rich in nutrients, leafy greens can be eaten in a wide variety of ways to remineralize your body, increase nutritional intake, and add more fun to your daily meal plans! Learn about these 5 easy ways to eat more leafy greens and enjoy every bite.

How to Eat More Greens – JUICE YOUR GREENS

Green juices don’t have to mean shots of wheatgrass (although if you like them, go for it!). They can be delectable when made properly, and they are quick to make as well. For green juices to be palatable to some people you can add fresh lemon juice. Lemon juice will take away the green taste and add a refreshing lemonade like flavor to the juice. Adding a little spiciness with ginger juice will make your green juice even better to mainstream palates.

How to Eat More Greens – BLEND YOUR GREENS

If you don’t think you are ready for green juices, start with green smoothies. Green smoothies are fruit smoothies but with leafy greens added into them. If you blend dark sweet fruits such as berries, you can get away with adding several ounces of spinach without being able to detect any greenness. There will be no bitterness if you create your smoothie is a ratio of 60 (fruit) /40 (green) – ideally working toward 50/50. Green smoothies are a great way to eat a lot of Swiss chard and other random green herbs + wild greens (cilantro, parsley, purslane, lambs quarters, etc).


People on the SAD (Standard American Diet) often equate salads with being a boring food choice. Salads are rarely the main attraction and are viewed as side dishes we need to eat for some unknown reason, something having to do with our health. HA! Try to make new recipes such as sweet dressings with mangoes, or spicy dressings with mustard, or even dressings with blended tomatoes and fresh herbs! Tender lighter greens are a great carrier for delicious salad dressings.



When one eats out at restaurants, it’s easy to be disappointed by the salad selection. You can make large, delicious, and satisfying salads without having to resort to the traditional iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomato. How bland!! Try layering lettuce with peeled citrus fruits and avocado, or tossing spinach with strawberries. Be creative. Try different greens such as arugula (also called roquette) with fresh mushrooms. The possibilities are truly endless… When you see a new leafy green in town – TRY IT. Ask the farmer at your local farmers market how they eat it / prepare it, and go home and do it yourself.

How to Eat More Greens – MARINATE YOUR GREENS

There are many types of greens that people shy away from or wouldn’t eat unless they have been sauteed. Did you know that marinating your greens will reduce their size dramatically, and soften them as if they were cooked? I am not a big fan of kale salads until I started marinating tor massaging them. Simply massage the leaves for a few minutes with olive oil and a little bit high quality sea salt, and see them wilt down. Then, toss them with a sprinkle of organic raw nuts / seeds, spices, other greens, chopped raw or sauteed veggies, quinoa, and a yummy dressing and you have got yourself a quick meal!

Leafy greens are full of minerals, and eating them is a wonderful way to remineralize because leafy greens exist in so many shapes and flavors. Mild greens are great in smoothies, tough stems are great for adding to juices, sturdy greens dehydrate well into kale chips, and tender greens are delicious in salads 🙂

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