Difference Between Everlasting Youth, and Longevity in a Bottle

Bethanne / Edible Goddess, “What’s the difference between your new Everlasting Youth herbal tonic blend, and Longevity in a Bottle (the other synergistic superfood powder I’ve been offering for the past few years)?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked 🙂


Everlasting Youth (EY) is specifically with women in mind and all the health issues / concerns we may ever come across along our journey to greater levels of well-being. I wanted something that I could take at any stage of my life (that I wish I had when I was in puberty at 13, and that I will want to take safely when I’m 95 for longevity purposes).

I wanted a blend that truly eased monthly moon cycle discomfort + PMS for those that experience it, that helps you to re-grow + strength your nails, get your hair shinier, and that re-calibrated your body so you could actually lose stubborn weight more easily, and tone up your body with lean muscle without lifting weights. EY has a feminine supportive energy, and it really is pure magic. It tastes like a fruity herbal root beer, it’s absolutely divine!

EVY Ingredients Screenshot

Longevity in a Bottle (LIAB) is the more masculine in energy version of EY. It also tastes like herbal root beer without the fruity component. It has more depth in flavor and a broader spectrum of medicinal mushrooms. It’s not *as* focused on beauty and hormonal harmony. Yes, women can take it (I still do but I gravitate toward EY naturally), and men enjoy both LIAB and EY (men: I’d suggest using EY less than you use LIAB, though it is totally safe for conscious men, just better for you a bit less often).



Ingredients for LONGEVITY IN A BOTTLE:


There is some overlap with ingredients as you’ll see upon comparing, but different amounts of them so that each product is targeted in its results.

Both products are both offered in the same sizes (medium size for $30 and the large for $100).

Other questions about these babes of mine? Post in the comment below, I’m happy to answer you



Me & LP LineUp!

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