Authentic Living and Rituals for Growth

This is a guest article I wrote for the Conscious Divas and wanted to give you a taste here:

Authenticity is being real in every moment that you breathe. It is YOU: no explanations, reasons, justifications, or sugar-coating. It’s not caring what the other people will say or how they’ll react – you’re not acting in a way based upon making them happy, but instead you’re living your truth in the most genuine way you could possibly express.

Authenticity often means growing organically – not pushing things to force them to occur, but allowing them to unfold until their grand fruition. It’s remaining unattached to the outcome of what people expect and doing things *for you*, based in love, with a heart of gold. This, is what “they” will fall in love with! Others will not love who you’re trying to be, but who you are in the now; it WILL shine through and one doesn’t even need to have a strong discerning eye to see it. Your positive intentions will reveal your realness and you’ll attract the most loyal people to you, because they respect you, and admire your vulnerability to be so boldly you.


There are some rituals that have supported me in recognizing and accepting my authenticity like a full-time job and I’ll share them with you here. It’s time to get as real as it gets, with zero room for cop-outs and bailouts. You and I – we’re the Conscious Divas here, and we’ve got an epic life to lead! Who has time to adapt their identity to become more of what they think someone else will want?

This less than the best approach will give you a headache and cause you frustration because the best we can do is live by example and those who resonate – will resonate. If they like us, they like us. Cut the cord of attachment! Other people’s judgments are often just projections anyway.

Now – head over to the Conscious Divas website to read the rest of this article & for the 3 rituals for growth that have the potential to be revolutionary steps for you, too!

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