Goji Chocolate Smoothie w/ Lucuma & Royal Jelly

Enjoy this Goji Chocolate Smoothie for breakfast, lunch, and/or dessert and FEEL the difference in making this kind of smoothie with the potent & medicinal superfoods included and just making one with lots of fruit and some greens. This approach to making a superfood smoothie will supercharge your energy, restore a compromised immune system, and replenish your reserves of the stress-busting B vitamins (from the royal jelly). Remember, not all smoothies are created equal!

There’s a hint of caramel flavor in this super tasty chill treat.. that’s the medjool dates shining through. Blend them in until smooth OR allow them to remain a bit chunky so you get tiny bites when spooning this into your mouth! Life is full of difficult choices like this 😉

Goji Choco Smoothie


1 cup organic raw coconut water
2-3 frozen organic bananas
1/2 cup frozen organic mango
1-2 heaping T organic raw chocolate powder
1 T Goji Joy (a 12:1 goji berry extract)
1 T organic lucuma berry powder
1 tsp organic raw royal jelly
2 organic medjool dates, pitted

Blend on high, taste test + adjust amounts as desired. Pour into glasses, top with my heirloom organic raw vegan chocolate chips for a nice crunch, and sip your way into higher level of existence! The food we eat obviously becomes us and with each meal we are fortunate to have the choice to use this truth in our favor. It’s a pretty stellar way to control how good you feel throughout your day + life!

We live in a world where we need to be progressive in our health strategies to be sure that not only are we maintaining our health, but we’re reaching new levels of wellness, and revealing the best side of our genes. Layer in the ingredients that actually give you the results you’ve been waiting for!

We turn the best of our genetics on or off in part due to the food we consume. Use this insight to your advantage w/ every meal & dessert. (Click to Tweet!)

I would love to hear from you now! Take action in the comments below: What superfoods, herbs, and other healthy goodies do you add to your smoothies? How have they served you? Do you actually feel the difference when including them vs not? Let us know what what your experience is like when making higher vibe smoothies like this.

Thank you as always for reading my blog!

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