Strawberry Almond Shake With Blue Green Algae

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BGA Strawberry Shake
Get your vitamix ready because it’s time for homemade healthy dessert! If you were wondering how you might use that awesome blue green algae, my answer is DESSERTS! In addition to it’s many superfood benefits, blue green algae has a slightly sweet taste, which makes it quite versatile (for an algae) and adds a wonderful color as well! Strawberries and vanilla go particularly well with it. A much healthier alternative to regular ice cream and milkshakes, with a superfood twist, this recipe is easy, healthy and pretty! Add some toppings and share it with a friend. Take a picture and share your creation with others. Experiment with it and make it your own!

Strawberry Almond Shake with Blue Green Algae

2 cups organic raw almond milk
raw sweetener, to taste (I prefer dates)
dash of high quality sea salt
½ tsp vanilla powder OR inside of one vanilla bean OR ⅛ tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp blue green algae powder
⅓ cup mashed organic strawberries

Blend sweetener, vanilla, salt and almond milk until smooth. Freeze almond milk solid in ice cube tray. In a Vita-Mix, using tamper, blend almond milk cubes until it reaches ice cream consistency. Separate ice cream equally into two bowls. Stir the strawberries into one half of the ice cream and blue green algae into the other half. The ice cream with soften a bit during this process. Pour into glass and enjoy!

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