My Juice Cleanse Experience w/ Juice Shop SF

Juicing is often a way of life for those on a healing path. When you drink freshly made organic vegetables juices, you infuse your body with incredible amounts of undiluted vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, phyto-nutrients, and amino acids. Your body feels clean, efficient, and runs at a higher frequency in comparison to times of eating a less than the best ever diet.

The first weekend after the New Year, I was blessed to enjoy a 4 day organic juice cleanse by Juice Shop SF. They are exactly what it sounds like – a place that focuses on helping others feel their best by providing organic (non-gmo) cold-pressed juices, cleanses, and elixirs. I’m like a kid in a candy store for places like this! Juice Shop SF has 2 current locations in San Francisco, and a brand new one in Marin County. This is where I picked up my juice each morning.

I appreciate A LOT about this sustainable company – in addition to the crisp taste of their super duper fresh juice that’s made with a hydraulic press to maintain the integrity of the plant’s cellular structure. Their customer services is wonderful! As a business owner myself, I notice this and really acknowledge how personable each employee is, and that I was able to meet one of the founding brothers (Ben). They all passionately care about their service to the world, and you can tell. Big points for that! This is a family business and the story of how it all began really reeled me in and made me appreciate them even more. After a series of painful symptoms and unsuccessful surgeries, 1 of the brothers (Charlie) was diagnosed with a rare liver condition and was told by the medical profession that he’d have to endure a LIFETIME of procedures and a liver transplant.

Their family sought an alternative approach and went to the Hippocrates Health Institute in FL where Charlie’s liver function returned back to normal (omg!) and his symptoms disappeared. The family committed together to a health-conscious path that included juicing and now, things are full circle as they help others on their healing journey become whole and well again. AMAZING, isn’t it?! Hallelujah to the power of fresh organic cold-pressed juice, positive intentions, and massive action! I wanted to share this because everyone needs inspiration to start and/or continue and stay on track on their (unconventional) healthy path…

The Juice Shop SF uses *glass* (cute bottles!) and even offer bottle refunds because it’s the most sustainable, both for the planet and our health. Glass is the safest material to drink from because it does not degrade or leach chemicals, and it just simply tastes better! Juice Shop SF delivers their juice all over the SF Bay Area, which I feel is a miracle for many too busy to juice themselves. Could a juice delivery business be any more convenient for the end consumer? I don’t think so. Let us cheers our juice to more mobile juice trucks around our country!


For my several days of juicing, I focused on greeeeeeeen juices (which tasted really good) and tried a couple of the ones with beets & carrots, and another one with pineapple and pear. I loved loved loved my juices!! The vegetable combos are well formulated so that they provide deep cellular therapy but also taste delicious. MY FAVORITE JUICES WERE: all of them LOL – sorry, I cannot decide even though I’d love to give you a top 3. Just can’t do it!

I did not do any nuts on this cleanse so I skipped their Almond Drink, and I also did not try their Lemon-Aid as it contains agave and my body is sensitive to this sweetener and I prefer to avoid it. Upon coordinating my juice cleanse, my requests were honored and I was able to do just the green ones with the sweeter veggie & fruits sprinkled in so I could know what they taste like! I drank juice every couple hours or so but was not following a tight schedule – just listened to my intelligent body, rested more than usual (even took a nap in front of my wood-burning stove!), and was happy that there were no hunger pains.

I will say that their COCO-CHLOROPHYLL drink with coconut water + blue green algae is excellent! I’ve enjoyed this combo hundreds of times and was thrilled that they included this kind of potion in their cleanses. They also have an Aloe Elixir (aloe, lime, coconut water) that was DIVINE, an E3 Live algae shot (blue green algae on its’ own), and an Immunity Elixir (garlic, oregano oil, lemon, ginger) – the latter which I have not tried yet but when I return more bottles I will get one to experience. Must try everything!

If you want more high vibrational life force radiating through your body, with enzymes, nutrients, and flavor to rev up your inspiration to keep going – get some juices & hop on board one of their beautiful juice cleanses to celebrate LIFE! We are all so fortunate to be alive; let us honor our body temple often and relish the juicy goodness of what countless people consider to be the fountain of youth, and the miracle that literally helped to save their life – JUICE! Thank you Juice Shop SF … I’ll be back 😉




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