Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup Recipe

There are times in life where we just need comfort, or that feeling of deep level nourishment, and a really good hearty winter vegetable soup always delivers. Whether you’re stressed and need to feel grounded, deficient in vitamins / minerals, or just want a dinner that fills your body & soul with satisfaction, I’ve got a winter veggie soup that will make you smile!

I’ve been making a pot of this hearty winter vegetable soup every other day for the past week and eating it as a grounding dinner after super busy work days handcrafting my products in preparation for 2 big upcoming live events. Mmmm, it’s such a good thing to know what your body needs! There is no way you can mess this recipe up and in fact I encourage you to play with YOUR favorite veggies, greens, beans, grains, and a mineral-rich broth (preferably homemade). Let’s start there – THE BROTH. I highly suggest you whip up your own homemade broth considering you get control over what goes in it, there’s no weird sugars or unnecessary ingredients, and the less things that come in a box or can the better for you.

You have 2 choices when it comes to broth: make a homemade vegetable one with your preferred veggies, seaweed if desired & a heavy pinch of high quality sea salt, OR – you make a bone broth for those of you who want the minerals & benefits that come from doing it this way. If you make a bone broth, add 1-2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar to the same ingredients as a veggie-based broth and you’ll extract more of the minerals from the bones.

Some women consider this a “secret” for beautiful glowing skin, building collagen, filling in mineral deficiencies & relieving arthritic conditions (pain in joints, aches, feeling blah) ~ whatever you do, do it with peace + love. I’m no expert on bone broths, but please source EVERY ingredient you ALWAYS use with a higher level of consciousness.


* all ingredients should be organic

1-2 cups homemade broth (this is what we call a magical brew!)
1/4 – 1/3 peeled, chopped butternut squash (oh my heavens!)
1-2 cups chopped vegetables (celery, zucchini, bell peppers, broccolini, cauliflower, carrots, burdock root)
approx 8 oz black or pinto beans (local heirloom beans from your farmers market if you can )
approx 8 ounces diced tomatoes (canned basil & garlic is great)
handful of leafy greens (kale, chard, spinach)
approx 2 tablespoons quinoa
yellow onion & fresh garlic in amounts you love
1 tablespoon Herbal Infused Coconut Beauty Oil
1/4 teaspoon high quality sea salt
small pieces of kombu or wakame (don’t overdo it)
heavy pinches of turmeric, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon

For the beans and diced tomatoes, if you get these ingredients in a can – get the Eden brand – it MUST BE BPA-FREE! Otherwise, make your own homemade beans (which I do – just takes longer), use fresh tomatoes (preferably in season), or skip these ingredients.

Put all ingredients except those leafy greens in your (preferably) Saladmaster pot. These pots do not leach chemicals and are worth every single penny; if you don’t have one, make it a goal to get ONE this year.

Slow cook your soup for 1 hour or so and allow the broth to soak into your veggies / beans / quinoa / squash. At some point you’ll want to cook on medium to high heat for just 5 minutes or so and then turn it back down to low to be sure the quinoa cooks thoroughly. The longer you cook your soup, the more layers of flavors will come through. Just a couple minutes before serving, add in your leafy greens (I add them in at the end so they don’t get soggy). Store extra soup in a glass mason jar for delicious leftovers!

Serve with delight, eat with appreciation, and love your choices! When I eat this hearty winter soup, I feel grounded, balanced, emotionally calm, present, peaceful, and warm. There’s something especially nourishing about this special combination of butternut squash, lots of veggies, beans, quinoa, and the trio of spices; adapt the recipe to your own preferences if different than mine. Have fun & live long!

If you want a little bite of chocolate for dessert, try my Chocolate Goldies (or any of my raw superfood chocolate creations)! One bite satisfies.


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