Cinnamon Vanilla Pecan Maca Latte


Looking for superfoods for energy? This drink will keep you charged through your day without stimulation. It’s unbelievably delicious, creamy, and perfect for fall!


STEP 1: Melt your cacao butter (you’ll just need 1 teaspoon; this adds a healthy source of fat and really completes the recipe, giving it a hint of chocolate without being a chocolate drink)

STEP 2: Make your homemade pecan milk!

Blend –
1/2 cup pecans
1/2 cup walnuts
1 cup warm / hot spring water (fresh, living pure water!) – you want the water you use to be warm enough to allow the cacao butter to mix in well – if it’s not warm enough, fats don’t emulsify well

Blend on high in a high-speed blender for 30-60 seconds. Strain through a nut mylk bag or cheesecloth so the consistency is smooth. Pour this mixture back into your blender.


Add –
1 tablespoon Maca Bliss
1.5 teaspoons lucuma powder
1 teaspoon vanilla bean powder
1 teaspoon raw cacao butter, melted
1/ teaspoon raw cacao powder
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder
pinches of high quality sea salt
few drops liquid or pinches of powdered stevia extract

Blend on high for 30 seconds.

NOTE – If for some reason you did not or were not able to use warm/hot water to make your homemade nut mylk, then you’ll want to put the drink in a pot on the stove for a few short minutes on low-medium heat to warm, so that when you add the cacao butter it mixes all together well.

Then, add 2 tablespoons unfiltered RAW honey to the blender, and briefly re-blend your drink. It is the stevia and honey that sweeten with perfect balance in this beverage. Pour into nice glasses or a mason jar to take with you for the day and sprinkle with cinnamon! Drink this delicious milk warm – morning or night – or add ice and enjoy chilled as a maca latte.


It is the MACA BLISS in this recipe that lends the creamy texture and flavor – regular raw maca powder will not give you the same results for the milk, or in life. Maca Bliss is a dual extraction (both water and alcohol) and is 10 times as powerful of other maca on the market. Go with the best! Eat it by the spoonful and taste the difference! You only need to consume 1/2-1 teaspoon per day to experience the intended effects maca is renowned for (energy, endurance, stamina, balancing hormones, aphrodisiac, feel more grounded and centered).

Don’t bother with the gritty, fiber-y whole cruciferous root powder of maca (raw maca powder) – you’ll save more money and actually get what you’re looking for. MACA BLISS is THE superfood for energy! Try it, especially in this yummy milk!


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