Fresh Fig Acai Ice Cream

My ice cream maker has (jokingly) become 1 of my closest friends lately. I’m whipping up healthy-style raw ice creams that feel good in my body, and working on even more epic versions of sweet treats for my upcoming Raw Desserts: Edible Art Creations class on Saturday Oct 5 in Marin County, CA. All recipes are infused with superfoods and superherbs, thereby getting these added nutritional powerhouses easily into our “comfort foods”. We’ll show ya how to make pie, cookies, superwoman bars, ice cream, and ice cream cake! And you know you can’t come to 1 of my classes without learning a couple really good herbal tonic elixir recipes as well 🙂

Figs are in season now, but you can certainly adapt this recipe to use whatever local in-season fruits are available to you now! I used black mission figs for this recipe though all varieties will be delish!

Fig Acai Ice Cream Pic 1


♥ 2 frozen organic ripe bananas
♥ 1 cup fresh organic figs
♥ 1/4 – 1/3 frozen acai packet (thawed)
♥ 1/2 cup raw coconut meat OR 1/2 cup non-dairy nut mylk OR 1/2 cup organic raw cream OR 1-2 more frozen bananas
♥ 2 teaspoons Goji Joy (sugar free goji berry extract)
♥ swirl of unfiltered local raw honey

Blend all ingredients together in a Vita-Mix until mixed very well. Transfer to an ice cream maker and let it run for 10-30 minutes depending on how fast it thickens and becomes the consistency you prefer. If you do not have an ice cream maker, put the ice cream is a medium size bowl and place in the freezer, stirring every 5 minutes until it’s ice cream consistency.

As I’ve come to find out in my evolving health journey, whether you use raw coconut meat, non-dairy mylk, organic raw cream, or more frozen bananas will vary based upon your preferences, as well as those you are serving. I’m often asked to give variations, and I think you’ll find at least 1 of these options super delicious for YOU!

Fig Acai Ice Cream Close Up

Grab your ice cream scooper to make those perfect ice cream scoops, a beautiful bowl for serving yourself and loved ones, and your favorite toppings to use for pretty decorations!


– raw coconut shreds
– fresh bee pollen
high quality spirulina
– chopped fresh ripe fruit
– raw cacao nibs
– goji berries (fresh or dried)
Goji Chocolate Gold
– vanilla bean powder
– organic citrus zest

Fig Ice Cream

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