Superfood Herbal Infused Low-Glycemic Smoothies, Tonics & Teas Class!

Superfood Herbal Infused Low-Glycemic Smoothies, Tonics & Teas Class! Gently cleanse your body with delicious drinks that deliver super-nutrition through using energy enhancing adaptogenic herbs, immune boosting medicinal mushrooms, and mineral rich superfood ingredients from around the world. All recipes will be low-glycemic, without refined sugars, and sweetened to perfection with natural fruits and herbs. […]

Lovers Unite Ice Cream Delight (a Raw Superfood Recipe)

Who want a raw, dairy-free ice cream to share with their lover not just on Valentine’s Day, but any day you desire a mouth-watering healthy dessert? I do, I do! And, based upon the reactions of everyone who sampled this recipe that┬áChristian and I demonstrated at last weekend’s “A Chocolate Affair” event in Berkeley CA, […]

Orange Chocolate Ice Cream (raw + dairy-free)

Here’s a homemade, raw, vegan, superfood ice cream that’s super easy & quick to make! With just a few ingredients, you won’t find any reason not to make it. This recipe is for all the women who ask me for simple recipes with ingredients you can access anywhere! In ice cream joy… Orange Chocolate Ice […]