Sweet Pumpkin Joy (Raw Vegan Holiday Soup)

If you’re looking for a simple, superfood infused raw vegan holiday soup recipe, this is one you’ll adore!

As the winter rolls around I get a little pumpkin and citrus happy. Orange is the color I’m drawn to the most and I tend to buy anything and everything in the red color spectrum! These colors radiate love and joy, and brighten the energy when the days are shorter and a bit darker. I choose to intentionally incorporate more of these orange foods to bring additional holiday bliss to my life.

I think sugar pumpkins are super cute so I bought a bunch this year, have you? But, I haven’t used them in any recipes other than an epic low-glycemic pumpkin pie recipe that was posted on Christian’s blog 2 yrs ago. So, my mission was to find a simple, superfood infused recipe that would make an ideal appetizer, lunch or light dinner – and this is it!

Sweet Pumpkin JOY (Raw Vegan Holiday Recipe)

Serves 1. Double or triple recipe for sharing with family & friends!

1 cup spring water
1 cup organic sugar pie pumpkin, seeds removed and skin peeled
2 pitted organic medjool dates (or your favorite variety)
1/2-1 teaspoon goji berry extract (GOJI JOY)
organic cinnamon to taste (approx 1/8 teaspoon)
sea salt to taste (few pinches will do; do not leave this out)

Chop the peeled sugar pie pumpkin into chunks and place in your Vita-Mix or other high speed blender. Add all other ingredients and blend on high until very well blended, up to 1 minute (or more). Taste test and make sure the texture is smooth. I’ve made this recipe many times now exactly as it’s listed and it turns out beautifully every time. It is not a cold soup, but rather a slightly warm one… cozy up on the couch and sip from your favorite mug!

Add freshly squeezed organic orange or carrot juice, and/or a small amount of chopped carrots to the recipe. Experiment!

If you do not have the Goji Joy (goji berry extract powder), I highly recommend getting it!! GOJI JOY is 1 of the new products from my boyfriend Christian’s new company, Longevity Power. The quality & potency is extraordinary and the taste divine – sweet, yet no sugar! I’m personally obsessed with it and eat it by the spoonful 😉

Make the recipe anyway even if you don’t have these extra goodies to include, but make it a goal to include them soon as they are both exceptional for boosting the immune system, keeping one’s health in top shape, and are rejuvenating on the deepest level.

Eat with JOY and gratitude! Appreciate all that you have in life. Look around… notice the miracles surrounding you in your everyday life – do you see them? Make a list – in your mind and on paper – and you’ll attract even more.

Blessings to you & your family during this wonderful Thanksgiving week and beyond!

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