Persimmon Ice Cream (raw, dairy-free, superfood infused)

This dairy-free ice cream will sweeten up the love you feel for organic whole foods. Persimmons are in season and when they’re ripe (squishy like a water balloon), they are quite possibly the sexiest fruit ever! Try eating one for yourself and I know you’ll agree…

I encounter people all the time who say they cannot eat healthy or a raw food lifestyle because of time and money, and even though I could argue this until the cows *don’t* come home, I won’t – I’ll save it for a video where I can express my passion and experience. This recipe proves how easy, simple, inexpensive and quick eating healthy can be!

Most of my recipes are alchemical and a bit more complex in nature, though I still have people reading my blog who just need more fruits and vegetables and when there’s little to shop for, dishes seem more realistic to plan for and prepare.

It’s not a recipe for you if you do not enjoy ripe organic fruit, or if you cannot handle a higher sugar content. Though, you don’t need to eat the whole bowl – enjoy just a few bites and you’ll be just as happy as the person who devours the entire thing 😉


BASE Ingredients:
several frozen organic bananas
2 organic ripe persimmons

OPTIONAL Ingredients:
1-2 organic dates for a caramel flavor
1 teaspoon Goji Joy (goji berry extract)

Process in a food processor until SMOOTH.

Goji Joy is a brand new AWESOME sweet, yet no sugar dried fruit powder that tastes amaaaaaazing. I eat it by the spoonful and you can add it recipes for added low-glycemic sweetness. I’ll write a review on it soon. Click here to read the top 24 benefits of goji berries!

How much to add of each base ingredient is really up to you; how much do you want to make? There’s no right or wrong with this recipe – play, have fun, experiment!

Eat with LOVE, GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION, PEACE, and TRUST that the more fresh food you get into your body, the healthier you’ll be, the longer you’ll likely live, and the better you’ll feel.



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