The #1 Tip To Get Happy & Slim in 2010!

Find an activity that you LOVE to do and do it often! You want to love what you’re doing so much that you plan your day around doing this activity. Create your weekly schedule with your exercise routine like an appointment that you cannot cancel out on. This sounds like common sense yet if we don’t put it as priority, then other things can likely take over (stress, to-do’s, unexpected opportunities to do something else). Your mental and physical health needs to be the #1 priority in your life, above everything else if you want overflowing success!

From my own experience, I know that I can go back and forth with exercise routines and my passion for one soon changes to another. Finding something I truly love is crucial to my commitment to regular exercise. If I continue to do something that lacks excitement or I’m doing it for the wrong reasons, weeks (or even days!) later I find myself making excuses to not do it. If you’re dragging yourself to the gym because you feel the pull to do so because you ‘should’, then a key component is missing – the FUN and JOY of it all! Don’t worry what anyone else is doing or thinks you should do and just do what YOU want to do!

It’s a great idea to have 2 plans – one for gorgeous sunny days where you can spend time outside getting fit and another for those rainy days that happen more often than we’d like in the winter.

Now that I’m living in a warmer climate (North Bay San Francisco) and just 15-20 minutes from a sandy beach, I find any excuse to run there with my dog. Fortunately, I can schedule much of my work around low tide, the best walking/running surface I’ve found. Choosing to exercise this way is super efficient since I can let my ultra-high energy dog that never tires off-leash AND I get to run on sand. I love everything about my time at the beach – the way the air smells, the salty taste on my skin, that I see beauty everywhere I look, and that I’m beginning my day on the OCEAN (I’m a water sign)! This has been a dream of mine for years! I realize not everyone lives near a beach, but when I was up in Seattle I did the same walk/run in my green lush neighborhood with the option to go into a nature preserve or wooded area with trails. Different scenery, just as beautiful and something I looked forward to on clear days.

Figure out what you love to do for exercise and something that is slightly addictive so you experience the rush of endorphins and raised serotonin levels much more often than not.

On days that it rains here in SF (and it has, just not as much as Seattle did), I head to a super cool vibe yoga studio in my neighborhood. They offer both bikram (90 mins) and power yoga (both 60 and 90 minutes) classes. I am just recently getting into power yoga after years of only doing bikram. I’ve always gone in phases of getting really into it for a few months and then taking a break (and then it’s hard to get back into it). Bikram yoga was the only exercise that was reminiscent of my childhood and teen dancing days (I loved the discipline) yet now, I’m feeling that about power yoga. And so, just go with whatever works for you NOW – you’re not committing to a practice of only doing *this* forever, you can change it up and naturally follow your body’s desire as you evolve.

For days that I’m feeling a bit lazier or sore, I have a fun routine I do at home using my own body weight to slim and strengthen my body. This isn’t as fabulous of a work-out as jogging, hiking in the mountains, or yoga, but it’s something and is a great change to the intensity of the other days. The best approach is to have Plan A (favorite outdoor activities that you cannot get enough of) and Plan B (favorite indoor activities that are just as satisfying)! If you have this strategy in place, you are on the golden path to losing excess flab, tightening, toning and glowing, forever!

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