10 Ways To Eat Green Superfood Powders (+ recipes!)

Shown left to right – ReVitaPhi (no longer available, may be again in the future), Greener Grasses, Vitamineral Green, and┬áPure Synergy. To read more about Greener Grasses and Vitamineral Green, click the banner below. Are you struggling to find creative ways to eat your Superfood blends, Super Herbs, and the Nutrient-Dense Greens? Try these 10 […]

Need a High Protein Raw Superfood Snack?

I got this recipe out of David Wolfe’s new book, Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future and just made a double batch of them now (changing the original recipe just a bit – I omitted the vanilla bean because I didn’t have any on hand). To make eating a high-raw diet easy, it […]

Superfoods in Skincare?

Absolutely! It’s the Best Ever! This is what I put on the dry erase board that I display at my booth when I exhibit at festivals. I think it’s eye catching – people need to know what sets my skincare line apart right from the start! My reasons for using Superfoods in my product line […]