Why ReVitaPhi Absolutely Rawks

Many of you are already aware of the phenomenal benefits of green Superfood powders, and I’d like to go into great depth about the one that I consider superior to the rest. With the exception of Vitamineral Green, ReVitaPhi is simply where it’s at. It has everything you need to cover all your nutritional needs […]

Seduction Body Silk Special

To continue the feelings of love for the recent Hearts Day holiday, I am offering a special 25% discount for the Seduction Body Silk (4 oz or 9 oz) in my product line. This offer is good until February 28, 2009. You can order it here; just enter the code ‘seduction09‘ when checking out and […]

ATTN: Raw, Organic, Skincare Lovers!

As many of you already know, I handcraft my own line of superfood infused skincare products. These are the purest products I’ve ever experienced and it gives me immense joy to see the demand for this (a desire for real natural beauty) rapidly increasing. My line, currently known as Organic Healing, is organic, free of […]

Accepting Change and Seeing New Beginnings

It appears that I have come to yet another point in my life where great changes are happening. This is the result of much hard work and very clear intentions .. with a heartfelt change thrown into the mix. How does one embrace change and how much of a role will my attitude and diet […]