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I’ve been able to pinpoint an inner belief system that does not serve me, may inhibit my success, and isn’t even logical – however it is still present within me. I have intended on writing a newsletter for weeks (I rarely go this long, so sorry!) though I’m happy I waited. The clarity of what I need to say is here. Grab some tea and let’s see if you can resonate with this!

In sharing vulnerabilities, insecurities, and where we get hung up – we find strength. And so, this is a message of courage, openness, truth, and straight up: here’s who I am and what I’m going through. My limiting belief is that no matter how many people I help in this beautiful world we live in – no matter how many lives I save in the ways that I serve – it has very often felt like it’s not ever enough because I was not able to save my own mother’s life. I caught myself saying this a couple weeks ago to someone near and dear, and it brought me to tears. I did the best I could with what I knew then (spring 2001, but it was nothing compared to what I know now).

I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and realized that this funky thought pattern has found a place to live in my mind. If you have no clue of the story of which I speak, the cliff notes can be found here. It’s time to move this thought pattern out – TODAY. What’s at the root of this is not seeing the significance of my own value. Self value is the basis for every single decision we make in this lifetime. It ALL comes down to this, and, we ALL tend to struggle with it.

No matter how much you claim to love yourself, and hashtag “#selflove and #selfcare – the question to ask yourself is this: How do you REALLY feel about yourself? When you’re alone, in private and not around others – are you solid in loving who you are? Look at your life, health, and well-being – aka your results – to get an uber clear picture of how much you love your sweet self, and see the extraordinary value you gift to others just by being alive.


Are you living the life you dream of? If you are, then excellent – your choices are based on high self-value and you’ve manifested what you want because you know you deserve it. If you’re not experiencing a life of bliss, perhaps it’s because somewhere within you, there is a feeling of insecurity, lack of self-worth, and not seeing that you can and should have whatever it is you want. This is not selfish in a detrimental, it’s self-serving so you are happy and living at your highest, and therefore radiant that shine out into the world and BE THE CHANGE. Live by example.

Sometimes I don’t see the depth of my value. At times I have a difficult time communicating it. I want to avoid sounding like I’m bragging, and so I often choose to stay silent and not speak up for things I wish to say. It’s programming that made its’ way into my subconscious, and I’m focused right now on obliterating detrimental beliefs, thoughts, and self-talk in every way I can think of. I seem to always be focused on improving myself in some way, you as well? It’s the best.

1 of the worst things we can do is to underestimate ourselves, our capabilities, and potential. I was reminded of this at the Longevity Now Conference where I stood in AWE for 3.5 days as people that flew in from all over the world continued to come up to me and my booth (pictured with extremely supportive friends below), to share just how much I’ve changed their lives. It was a lot to take in, amaaaaaazing, positively overwhelming, and a serious reminder. Now, I remind you.

YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. A massive one at that, whether you’re at home alone as a single mama with a screaming child, somewhat well-known for the work you do online, or on stage inspiring thousands of people. It’s irrelevant, because however it shows up and manifests in your life, what truly matters is that YOU see your own value; when you do, you engage more fully in life and your dreams manifest way more quickly.

IF you don’t see the significance of your value (or even question it), let’s get you some glasses (or goji berry extract) to help you see clearly and improve your eyesight. 🙂

It’s CRITICAL that you see this, feel this, know this, trust this, live this, and embody this. YOU ARE VALUE, defined. Just because you may not be making the difference in the particular way that you think you should be (like me – I wanted to save my mom’s life but instead, I get to potentially save thousands – maybe even millions – of lives) – I invite you to get over it with me, move past this self-sabotage sh*t, and carry on like a rocket ship with doing whatever you do best. It’s victim mindset to do otherwise, and even though it feels real – there is a better perspective to hold.

For the love of people worldwide, do not wait. Did you know that people die every single day and it could be you, your information, your inspiration, your motivation, your blog post, your Instagram posts, your Facebook updates, your grocery store conversation … that saves them? It’s true. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE IMPACT YOU HAVE.

The beauty of this is the mystery that you may not ever see just how much of a positive ripple effect you’ve had. You must trust. And, if I were you I’d assume above and beyond the best!

People will unsubscribe. People will not “like”, comment, or EVER tell you that you made them smile. Trust me, I am living this right now and it’s clear as day that I also have to tell you. People are watching, they are listening, and yet they enjoy being under the radar. Keep being the best expression of you, and know in your heart that you’re a game-changer. See your own value and do not rely on other people’s validation.


START WITH YOU. Live by example. Look within at your shadows and do the work to transcend them into a gift. There is great value in positively changing the world! 🙂

REPEAT WITH ME (read or say aloud, whatever you prefer):
I have a lot to give
I make a difference
I am always enough
I offer immense value
I see my own greatness
I give to others what truly matters

As a tribute to my mom – and let’s just call her by her lovely name, Carol, I want to gift 1 complimentary Chocolate Goldie with every single order (ANY order) that is placed between this present moment and Sunday May 10 at midnight PST. Mother’s Day is a very significant day, often the most emotional day of the year for me, and the day that I quit smoking cigarettes in 2003 to honor my mom’s “dying wish” 2 years after she passed. If you smoke, please stop. It’s killing you whether you acknowledge it or not. I say this with all the love in my heart.

You’ll likely receive my newest flavor Dark Silk, or Everlasting Pleasure, as that is what I have tons of in stock (the Herbal Harmony flavor sold out at the Longevity Conference last weekend – an excellent but still stressful problem to have, and I’m starting another round of 50 pounds in production this week!).

No coupon code is needed to redeem the healthiest and most scrumptious, silky smooth, melt-in-your-mouth herbal raw chocolate bar in the entire galaxy!

Just place your order at and you’ll receive a bonus bar that was prayed over during production, sloooooooowly stone ground at low temperatures by my team of happy oompa loompas, and jam packed full of sustainably sourced ingredients from mineral-rich earthly soil.

I do not make my Chocolate Goldies because it’s an easy profitable business (it is certainly not a get rich quick scheme); I handcraft them and am pursuing this as part of my grand Edible Goddess vision because I now do finally believe that they can save the world – in the sense of awakening one to their highest serving thoughts, activating their idealistic characteristics, and bridging the gap between abundance and lack. I think this will become explicitly clear as Edible Goddess continues to grow ………… THANK YOU!!

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