Fall Vitality Porridge


There’s nothing like a warm porridge on a chilly fall morning. And personally, I love nothing more than enhancing my whole foods with even more nutrition. This porridge is special because it contains a blend of adaptogenic herbs (Everlasting Vitality & Youth) to help cope with stress, boost energy, and support beauty and longevity. Having this after a long night of work or simply during the busy holiday season will support your health while still enjoying a comforting and delicious meal. Feel free to play around with toppings of your choice to make the best porridge ever!

This is a guest blog post by my girl Giovanna Garcia. She’s a nutritionist and natural chef who is dedicated to helping others to be the best versions of themselves and have happy and healthy lives. She does this through workshops, dinner parties, private cooking classes, and personal chef services. Check out more of her delicious recipes here!

Get yourself ready for a simple and comforting porridge that is boosted with a blend of medicinal herbs for everlasting vitality!! Enjoy for breakfast, brunch, or dessert .. this serves 2.


1 cup gluten-free organic oats
2 cups living spring water
2 Tablespoons organic chia seeds
1 heaping Tablespoon Everlasting Vitality & Youth (EVY)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Vanilla stevia, to taste
Pinch of sea salt

1 squishy ripe persimmon, chopped
2 Medjool dates, chopped / pitted
Ground cinnamon
Coconut or homemade nut milk, to serve (optional)

Place all ingredients in a small pot, except toppings, and simmer lightly for about 10-15 minutes until oats are cooked. Add more water if porridge gets to thick. Transfer to bowl and add toppings. Enjoy with a smile!


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