Advanced Self Care Practices

I’ve been wanting to write about this amazing topic (my favorite subject in the world), and intentionally skate past the superficial self-care talk so prevalent on the Internet – and get right to the juicy, next level, life-altering strategies we as the woman of the world (and conscious cool men) can implement into our daily lives.


Self-care is not something we treat ourselves to every once in a while, or when we can find the time. That’s a crazy compromise, whether one is ready to admit it or not. It is not a luxury, a high-priced ticket to looking prettier either.

Self-care is not the act of applying a handful of natural products to your skin to cover up what’s really hiding beneath. It’s more than the homemade face mask, mineral make-up, evening bath ritual, non-toxic pedicures, eating well, keeping active, and regular haircuts.

SELF-CARE is art – a practice – of prioritizing your mental health, your spiritual connection, and your emotional inner vibes… IN ADDITION to everything else listed!

We can go to the spa, or create a delicious version of one at home, but STILL allow our relationships, friendships and our work environment to get under our skin because something doesn’t feel right. No beautifying treatment or quarts of green juice will address the disharmony that we may feel in certain situations, and it will continue to haunt us until it’s resolved & results in inner peace!


What do I mean? I’m referring to being aware, and present to:

– how do you allow others to talk to, and treat you? Do you want to speak up to your parents, friends, boss – whomever, and tell them that how they talk to you doesn’t make you feel good, that they’re being overly critical, or showing an obvious lack of support – but don’t? Step into your power, this is numbero #1 for importance. It is the epitome of self care.

– what do you allow into your mental space (mainstream media, TV, radio shows or podcasts that speak in the language of fear or accepting the lower vibration status that is inevitable) negativity, complaining, and conversations that are less than the best ever)

– what is your tolerance level for participating in the things you would prefer not to? Do you still work at a job you cannot stand, and that you want to desperately get out of because you sense you’d feel happier doing something else? Why are you engaging in things that feel mediocre or do not lift you higher?

– what are the habits or behaviors that are a part of your life that you wish you could adjust; for instance, prioritizing earlier sleep so you’re living your days with great clarity! How about not watching shows or movies that you have no interest in (why keep it going!!?) – turn it off or move to another room & put headphones in – listen to meditations or inspiring audios or anything that you love that infiltrate your being into feeling GOOD (rippling thru your body). We all know the difference – it’s energetic.

To really activate your highest self, and grab hold of the concept of human potential (which is what this is really about) – you must be able to look deeply within, to your shadow side, to the part of you that you are perhaps not so happy with. Why do you put up with less than you feel you deserve?

Why stay friends with someone or be in someone’s life if they’re always mad at you for something, or judge you for the choices you’ve made? Is that really what you want in your life? Is that really what feels best to you, or are you kidding yourself that it’s better to keep something / someone as opposed to letting it go, and being without!?

There is a time to put in the great effort to work through unresolved issues with patience, with a belief that you can do so. There is also a time to recognize that denying yourself the acceptance of what is, is hurting your ability to fully love, respect, and value yourself ENOUGH to keep upleveling your self-care practices of all kinds. When we get down about problems, we do not take as good of care of ourselves as is ideal.

Isn’t it time to step into the full integrity beings that every single human being is capable of? AUTHENTICITY. Be who you say you are. Don’t let there be dissonance. Living in accord with what feels right in our hearts, even if you’re making a difficult decision, results in serious levels of self-admiration because you are practicing ADVANCED SELF CARE like a pro!



  1. Not putting your cell phone or mobile device up to your head, with the understanding that doing so blasts EMFs into your brain, nerves and cells and does damage long-term. Go without doing this for a period of time (1 day, 1 week – anything) and then do it. You’ll feel the charge of the radiation into your head after having taken a break. Use the speaker phone or a safe headset.

2. Using filtered water when you fill up your bath for your evening rejuvenation ritual, and avoid the use of tap water especially when soaking your body in what should be healing waters. There are many filters you can screw onto your shower head (and fill the bath from that) – do a search online and be sure yours remove chlorine, fluoride, and other toxins.

3. Add freshwater pearl extract to the bathing ritual in number 2. You’ll be on the receiving end of softer, silkier, and smoother skin, along with a nervous system that is calm, relaxed, and energetically free of chaos. When you get out of the bath, apply Love One Another over your face, neck, and chosen areas of your body for a deeply aromatic, sensual experience. It’s comforting, healing with the most nourishing skin oils ever, and will embody that energy of self-care being a fun, sexy, and rewarding practice that is the foundation my life’s message.

4. Taking time to be with yourself, alone, privately – in Nature and at home. Create your bubble and for a substantial amount of time, be in your GODDESS ZONE. This is the space where you are focused, clear, creative, feeling magical, like you can have and be + do anything you put your mind to! You’re not distracted by the daily chores, the dog barking, the endless responsibilities we stack on our to-do lists.

The GODDESS ZONE is where you get into a serene, happy, meditative (of sorts – whatever your version is) environment that is conducive to expressing your thoughts, passion, desires, and surround your body with things that are like eye candy to you (crystals, pictures of family or you + your partner, gemstones, live plants, dim lights, candles…).

5. Avoid the technology trap. Constantly always checking your phone, social media (facebook and instagram), and incoming emails. There is a place for this obviously, but reaching for it as default, like a rat grabbing for the cheese any second it can, takes us away from LIFE – in the moment, being present, and living in the now. The world will be there, and you won’t miss out on anything even if you go hours or perhaps even a day away from checking things like cray cray 😉 Just an idea. I feel strongly that this is an act of self-care!


I have to get into this zone frequently (daily) or I feel off, unsettled, not at ease by the end of the day. This afternoon, this is how it’s showing up for me: I’m at my desk with headphones in listening to pregnancy meditations, cutting out all other noise & duties, and it’s all about me and writing this article in the way I want. I have these beautiful gems pictured above in front of me on my gorgeous pine wood desk (handmade by my dear soul lover) with chakra designs hand-carved and painted in gold into it. I created time & space to dedicate to writing!

Once I click “publish”, I’ll head out for an hour walk with my pups in Nature, and sink into the surrender that whomever is meant to read this, will. This whole process feels serene to me because I’m taking care of me and my needs. SELF-CARE can look many ways.

Your ZONE can be an extended process (few hours) that allows you to glide thru your day (often the weekend for many) with ease, flow, and without demanding pressure. How do you looooove to spend your days “off” where it feels the most nurturing? That’s your HAPPY GODDESS ZONE. What are your self-care practices and life-enhancing tips for others?

Thank you for reading this, and hearing me out. I care that you put your mind and spirit at the top of what matters most to you, just as your body – for it IS your mind + spirit that dictate the full essence of true radiant health. We can eat the freshest food in existence that comes direct out of mama earth without ever having being sprayed with poisons, and STILL have health issues. These are often seen as mysterious issues, or problems that one cannot gain good ground on – no perfect food or herb will deliver you healing if your other choices are not in alignment with loving your self.

Please share this and inspire your friends + loved ones to take even better care of themselves! 🙂 We all rise together by raising our standards of what we allow into our lives. Self-care is all about what we subject ourselves to, thus creating our mood, attitude, drive, happiness in life (yes, true), and whether or not we take action or daydream all day or year.

This article has been inspired (to a degree) by what has arisen for me during pregnancy. Everything I surround myself with has an influence IN me, and this growing baby I’m building. If I tolerate conversations, exchanges, or dynamics that leave me feeling BLAH – I can feel it in my body, and this shows itself as resistance in labor + the birthing process! This is what limbic imprinting is all about, something that deserves attention and recognition during pregnancy JUST AS MUCH as the quality of the food you eat. What are you imprinting into your cells?


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