Root Veggie Quinoa Bowl

Organic savory dishes that are truly satisfying, actual full meals where every single ingredient is healing and purposeful, are hard to come by (in my experience searching online). As a chef I really appreciate being creative and coming up with things on my own, and this here is a simple meal combining a few of my favorite things: 100% organic and local vegetables, baked beets, butternut squash, and quinoa.

If you have an inclination toward choosing these types of foods when grocery shopping, you’ll want to make a big pot of this like I did! Simple, easy, nutritious.



Bake your beets and butternut squash according to these recent recipes I just shared on my blog.

Make your organic quinoa as per usual while the beets + squash are baking away …

When the quinoa is done, add fresh organic raw bok choy, red / organic / yellow bell peppers, summer squash, heirloom tomatoes, turmeric powder (to taste), cinnamon (to taste), seaweed sprinkles (to taste) and pinches of high quality sea salt! For the spices, start small, taste test, and adjust accordingly. When the butternut squash & beets are ready, scoop them into your big pot.

Stir everything together – taste with whomever is present for multiple opinions, and tweak if desired. Your meal is ready to eat, and can be stored for several days in glass Tupperware so you have a quick grab-and-go lunch throughout the week.

To dishes like these, I like to add Mushroom Immunity to the quinoa cooking water, and Goji Joy to the final dish for a super upgraded nutritional boost to your immune system, skin, and attitude! Without these additions, meals feel less complete and more bland to me.

Once you uplevel your life in this way, it’s quite challenging to take steps backwards because you feel the difference in your body after you eat. Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll infuse your weekly meals with superfood extracts and tonic herbs – even if just sprinkled in to start – to get *something* extra potent into your body that works so hard for you each and every single day. YOU DESERVE THE BEST!


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