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Are you loving up this new fall season as much as I am? Living in California does not really give me the same kind of distinct seasons I experienced being raised in Chicago, however the cool fall breeze is in full effect as are chillier evenings. It’s time for kids to go back to school, parents to gather up healthy recipes for homemade meals, and to shop for items + products that support higher levels of learning, education, focus + concentration.

The superfood and herbal extracts I offer are wonderful to incorporate into your families repertoire whether you’re making green smoothies, vegetable soups, homemade vegan pizza or delectable indulgences (or anything!). You can lovingly infuse these tonic elixirs into your creations for a strong immunity boost and natural jolt of sustained energy. It’s a WIN-WIN because they taste so yum! Tonics help you build resilience to both acute and chronic stress over time which results in your experience of life more positive, magical, and vibrant. They work wonders for your nervous system, keeping you more calm and collected when responding to situations that unfold before you.

Use the code AUTUMNLOVE to receive a sweet 20% off everything in my online store this blessed week!
Offer is valid today, Tuesday Sept 8 – Monday Sept 14, 2015.

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Here we have a delicious + mouth-watering capture of homemade vegan ice cream that has been drizzled with melted Chocolate Goldies. Such a creamy, perfect melty-in-your-mouth texture luscious dessert! Try it at home instead of using store-bought chocolate syrup – the Chocolate Goldies melt SO easily and make an ideal decorative design for your healthy upgraded treats.

It’s time to harvest your own local organic apples, or to get them from the farmer’s market or local farm stand (do you have those where you live?).

Here we have melted Chocolate Goldies dipped apples with crunchy sprinkles of hazelnuts 🙂 I love the combo of this and am totally obsessed with apples lately. You get the juicy fruit + silky superfood choco with this snack! Healthy high vibes all the way.


Use the code AUTUMNLOVE to receive a sweet 20% off everything in my online store this blessed week!
Offer is valid today, Tuesday Sept 8 – Monday Sept 14, 2015.

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