4 Layered Superfood Cookie, Caramel + Herbal Chocolate Meal Bars

You want high level superfood nutrition with zero unnaturally processed ingredients, and as full spectrum of nourishment as your hard-working body can handle? Thank your lucky stars because you’ve landed on the blog that will carry you to a magic ride of magnificent palate bliss!




1 cup gluten-free organic oats (buy in bulk)
1 cup organic raw buckwheat
3 tablespoons Maca Bliss
1 tsp ground wild vanilla bean
1/2 tsp high quality sea salt
1/4 tsp organic cinnamon powder

Process for 5-10 seconds just to break it all down. Then joyfully add (either while the processor is turned off, or while running & drop it thru the opening):

15 dried organic dried apricots
1/2 cup organic raisins (adding 1/2 of this in at the very end so they’re not as integrated into the mix)
1/4 cup organic mulberries
10 pitted organic medjool dates

I prefer a mix of organic dried fruit for a diverse range of nutrition. Use what you enjoy most, and know you always get the most out of variety with regard to food and absorption!

Process until the mix holds together without being a mush ball. You do not want it to be overly-filled with dried fruit. You’re going for the perfect mix of buckwheat, oats, and dried fruit. It will naturally fall apart very slightly (*not* crumble) – so that when you scoop it from the processor to your cookie sheet (with a layer of parchment paper laid down first), it will easily mold into cookies or bars.

Scoop out the cookie crust dough from the food processor and flatten with your hand so that it’s even in thickness. A trick to get it pretty perfectly uniform is to place another layer of parchment paper over the top and roll a flat glass over it like you would with a rolling pin. Do this, then pop in the fridge or freezer to chill while you make the caramel.


In a Vita-Mix, add:

8 pitted medjool organic dates
4 dried organic apricots
2 tsp Maca Bliss
1/2 tsp ground wild vanilla bean
1/4 tsp high quality sea salt
splash of living spring water

Blend, starting at a low speed and work up so it processes easily. If you have any trouble, add slightly more pure water or dates so there’s enough in the blender to get things moving. There is no way to mess this up, so adjust accordingly and taste test as you go!


Slather the caramel onto your cookie crust base evenly. Is it hard to do this without eating so much of the caramel on its’ own? ha ha 😉

On a low temperature in your oven, melt 4-6 Chocolate Goldies. Place them in a ceramic bowl after removing the foil + wrapper, and melt.

Cut thin – medium thick slices of organic ripe bananas, and layer on top of your caramel as you desire!

Pour your melted Chocolate Goldies onto the top creating an even coating of herbal raw chocolate. Pop these decadent NUTRIENT-PACKED meal bars into your freezer, chill while you chill, and patiently wait ……………


They’re best kept in the FRIDGE so that it’s easy to cut them, and not so hard to chew. Store in a glass container and serve to everyone you want to deliver amazing flavor to!

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