Blueberry Bliss Smoothie for a Boosted Libido


Eating locally, the food that is in season, has immense value. It’s higher in nutritional value, it tastes way more fresh since it was recently picked, and is a lighter footprint for our environment. You’re supporting your body and our beautiful world when you put your money toward helping local organic farmers stay in business, pursue their passion, and boost our local economies.

Other things that have inherently high value include ripe fresh organic fruit, putting your state of happiness as #1 priority in your life, a healthy libido and hormones, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and a sex life that gives you sincere fulfillment. If you agree, consider sharing this article + recipe with someone close to you who is on the progressive path with you.



3/4 cup raw coconut water (enough to cover the Vita-Mix blades)
3 medium size frozen organic bananas (freeze them when ripe)
3/4 pint organic local blueberries
2 handfuls local organic spinach
1/2 organic blood orange
1 heaping teaspoon Maca Bliss
1 teaspoon fresh local bee pollen

Blend on high until smooth and creamy. Pour into gorgeous glasses, crystal if you have them (why wait until guests come over) or cozy ceramic mugs. Treat yourself like royalty! Do it right every time.

Let me explain why the MACA that I’m using in this recipe is superior in flavor, taste, and nutritionally in comparison to other ones that you may find in natural health food stores. To keep it simple, it’s important to know that using ingredients in the ways that the original cultures did is the ideal. Peruvians did not in historical times, eat raw maca. Being a cruciferious root with high levels of minerals, amino acids, and valuable compounds that nourish one’s body deeply, it is cooked / heated / extracted to some degree before consumption. All the same benefits of broccoli, cauliflower, and the mighty kale – all apply to maca!! Getting the best in your body is what you want; put effort into enjoying it in its’ most concentrated form (so you don’t need tablespoon after tablespoon, but instead just 1 little teaspoon to do the job). You’ll want to lick the spoon for this maca 😉

To draw more of the healing constituents, we want maca where it’s been dual extracted with both a clean pure source of water, AND alcohol. Different goodies come with each extraction, and it gives the final ingredient / product a MUCH more creamy, sweet, and smooth texture for your palate. We want all of our nutrient-dense superfoods to taste really good, right? Resounding yes. And they do, if you get proper sourcing.

MACA BLISS will rev your internal light so bright that you’ll be in the middle of working on your laptop at work or home, and the desire to get up & dance will be sooo overwhelming, you just have to! Dance with yourself. Turn yourself on. Make yourself smile with how silly it may seem. Remember, life is to be thoroughly enjoyed, and the fastest way to live it in the now is to make every decision count.

This delectable melty-in-your-mouth maca comes in 2 sizes:

60 gram – starter size yum
240 gram – big size yummies


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