Making Hot Chocolate Love

For the sweet love of chocolate, you will want to make my most favorite hot chocolate over this weekend! Upon the 1st sip, you’ll feel a sense of comfort sink deep into your being, warm and nourish you from within, and melt away your stressed edge and tension that can be inevitable for some people this time of year.

This recipe intentionally uses 3 of my products as I’m always asked for more ways to use all that I make and offer you. This cozy hot bevy will be far more than you’d ever expect for a hot chocolate! It will make you want to snuggle up to someone you adore, wrap yourself in each other, and rejoice in the sweetness of alignment that you’ve attracted each other into your lives.

If you’re single, this chocolate love fest will awaken you to how freakin’ amazing you are – on your own – empowered, independent (not needy), and open to the wellspring of heartfelt sincere love that is on its’ way to you, so that when it arrives, you can actually receive it because of all the in-depth personal development work you’ve focused on and as a result, the inner growth you’ve experienced.





2.5 cups hot herbal tea (my favorite blend is 50-75% yerba mate with 25-50% tulsi / holy basil, horsetail, or dandelion root to bring balance to the more potentially slightly stimulating mate)
1/2 – 1 Chocolate Goldie (any flavor)
1 tsp Everlasting Vitality & Youth – instant herbal beauty blend
1 tsp organic raw chocolate powder
1 tsp lucuma powder (from your health food store)
1 tsp Herbal Infused Coconut Beauty Oil
spoonful of local organic raw honey
organic vanilla stevia to taste (I prefer the Omica Organics brand – get it on Amazon)
sprinkle of organic cinnamon

Make your hot herbal tea. I often make the tea and brew it overnight and add the yerba mate to the mix in the morning, allowing the mate to steep for 10-30 minutes. It feels totally balanced and way less stimulating in partnership with these other herbs. Add your tea to a high speed blender like the Vita-Mix. Add your other ingredients and blend on high for 20 seconds.

Pour into beautiful ceramic mugs and with with loved ones + dear friends, or pour back into a non-leaching pot and re-heat if you like hot drinks like me! I keep the hot chocolate warming in the pot on 150 degrees and keep coming back to it and drink over the course of a couple hours or so, drinking just a little at a time so it stays hot and keeps my body feeling cozy while I play prosperously.

YOU DESERVE SO MUCH! Click the image below to see how I am personally moving from mediocre happiness (even if just experienced periodically), to infinite joy – and how you can too. To me, everything is just a decision away … that’s the easy, and the hardest part it 😉 And yet, it is the undeniable TRUTH.


May you be showered with love, adoration, sweetness, appreciation, recognition, and prosperity during this happy wintery season!

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