Is Your VISION Clear?

The clarity for which we see is extremely important as it tells us just how much we’re able to see the truths of our reality, face them, process them, and heal from any potentially detrimental emotions that are not conducive to higher vibrational living. I have dramatically improved my eyesight over the past few years, leaving the eye doctors with little to say except “your eyes are reversing the aging process” and “whatever you’re doing, keep it up – it’s working”. This is exciting, especially since many believe the idea that eyesight is extremely hard to improve. Does anyone still buy into that old paradigm consciousness anymore? It’s time to believe in possibility, and I feel that if I didn’t – I wouldn’t have been able to make the strides I have with my own eyes.

In this article however, I want to inspire you to know your vision for being alive. What is the big wild dream you have that you’re working toward? As you read on, you’ll come to understand mine. At times it feels so big that when I share it with others, the enormity of it seems overwhelming, but once you know (or decide) that bigger-than-you vision – you’ll feel more guided in terms of how to spend your days. Life will begin to flow more seamlessly…

I want to spend my days smiling, feeling free + empowered, doing what I love, and feeling really good about the choices I make. Living on purpose – a mission-driven life – that is ignited by passion – is everything to the visionary co-creating with the Universe to bring about substantial positive shifts to our planet.


The following quotes are from the book E-Myth Mastery by Michael E. Gerber.

“A purpose has a clear palpable construction to it. A vision is what you see through feeling. The passion of the mind and the passion of the soul creates vision. A vision makes you laugh out loud for no reason. A purpose makes you dig down deep to persevere. Managers have purpose. Entrepreneurs have visions. Vision is where the passion lives. Purpose is a doing that fills the space that passion cannot occupy. Vision leads. Purpose follows. Vision is the aura of enlightenment. Purpose of the work of the monk. Bottom line, vision is about magic, the ecstatic experience of the magic of being human.

Vision is where the heart resides. It is the love of living.

We invariably give up the vision, which may have little, apparent practical value to it, for the purpose, which has so much. In doing so, we give up our lives. The vision is what calls us. The purpose is what manifests the vision. The passion is what fuels us to achieve what we can’t clearly describe in a way that we are made able to describe it.

Letting your passion express itself is so important. Unless you form a deeper understanding and relationship with your passion, you will never be able to sustain an entrepreneurial pilgrimage because you will not have sufficient energy for it. The entrepreneur pursues the impossible. Not because it is impossible, but because it will remain impossible until he/she pursues it with the belief that it isn’t impossible, that somehow, some way, he/she will manifest it into being. The pursuit of the impossible calls for enormous amounts of energy, fueled by passion, the juice of vision.”

My fellow visionaries + entrepreneurs – I bet this resonates with you. It did so much with me that I had to share it with you! I invite you to share in the comments section what this triggers for you….. let’s hold each others ideals, visions, dreams, goals UP UP UP – collectively. The more eyes, ears, and focused energy on our desires, the quicker the energetic force of the Universe will allow it to manifest. The Universe likes speed.


MY GRAND VISION for Edible Goddess is to be able to do so well that I can travel around the world giving away some of what I’ve created (my products) and become (my services) for FREE. WHY? Because I can. Because people NEED them, and I know it. Because I’m here doing what I’m doing to serve myself, and then you, and everything about this decision feels right. It triggers unparalleled excitement within me! Choosing this as part of my grand vision a few years ago helped me to release fears of lack, not having enough, and of competition with others. As long as YOU know what your vision is and what you are doing, and you know your truth (live by it, and don’t lie to yourself) – this is what matters.

With greater clarity: I have a clear vision of drop-shipping the products I handcraft (and potentially other epic goodies) around the world to families (especially orphans) in need via my private jet and yacht (that I have yet to acquire) called Edible Goddess. 10% of all profits from sales from my business will help me start what will be my “Life Revival Foundation” in order to implement this – with a goal of being able to do so by 2016. Want to help me co-create this vision with me? Contact me, let’s chat! I need help co-creating this. Am I close in this moment to being able to do this? No.. but that doesn’t stop me, nor should it you.

What’s wildly exciting is that I am headed to Burning Man in just a couple days and it’s a gifting community. There is no selling. I am bringing hundreds of dollars worth of my chocolates and organic sun protection to the desert and giving them all away at no charge or with an expectation to get something in return.. when it feels right, to whomever needs or wants them. I’m not going to wait to drop-ship products to orphans in small villages around the world as that is just 1 component of my future work. I’ve had a taste of what it’s like to give away hundreds of my Chocolate Goldies recently on a movie set (private location in Marin County – so much fun to be a part of!) and it was EXHILARATING! That’s the feeling I’m going for. Crazy, insane, totally ridiculous, and rewarding beyond what words could ever describe! 🙂


I’ve written some about my vision and my story of how I’ve gotten to be where I am in my business here on my online Etsy store.

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