Summer Lemonade w/ Goji Berry + Pearl Extract

Freshly made goji pearl lemonade, radiant sunshine, barefoot running in the jungle or local hills, late night full moon adventures at the beach, music you can dance to, letting my body move in an ecstatic way that unleashes the sexy side, deep meaningful conversations, solid girl friends, sweet partnership, hot or iced Chaga tea, my hot power yoga practice, herbal infused baths with healing salts, progressive thought, raised consciousness, those that are awakened – all infused with truth, freedom, love, strength, courage, wisdom, spirituality, surrender, nature, community, unity and sisterhood – these are many of the things I’m relishing in the now.. And my chocolate. I’m realizing that put in the right situation, I laugh & smile A LOT! 🙂

This quenching lemonade is the perfect combo of tangy, sweet, and tart – this full-bodied superfood lemonade is one you absolutely have to try ASAP especially on these super warm spring days!

Summer Lemonade w/ Goji Berry + Pearl Extract

4 cups living spring water
2 tablespoons Goji Joy (goji berry extract)
1 tablespoons Pearl Extract powder
2 freshly squeezed lemons
1 dropperful organic vanilla stevia
1/4 high quality sea salt
6 ice cubes (made with spring water)

Blend on high for 20 seconds and allow the foam to settle. Pour over a few ice cubes into a gorgeous mug or glass jar & take in the refreshing flavor! Feel the quench. You’re feeding your cells what they want, what they need, and they will receive it because of how easily absorbed this upgraded lemonade is.



Goji Joy is the bliss inducing and immunity boosting goji berry extract powder with 10 times the power of whole Goji Berries! Candy-like sweetness but contains almost no fructose! Whole dried Goji berries are about 50% fructose.

A stress-combating food-and-herb-in-one, this sacred berry is rich in antioxidants, protein, vitamins, trace minerals, and immune system boosting power. To top it off, Goji Joy extract has the fruit sugar removed making it mood stabilizing and more potent. This is the perfect herbal treat for kids, those on a healing journey, and anyone eating low-glycemic or low carb.

1 serving of Goji Joy (1 teaspoon) is the equivalent of a handful of 24 oz of whole dried goji berries, but without the average 12 grams of fructose.

Thanks so much for reading.. make this, share it with everyone in your life whether they’re health-conscious or not, and rejoice that we get to make literally the BEST, most hydrating elixirs ever in the world – today!! The time is now; committing to making just 1 new well-formulated drink this week has the potential to radically shift your health, mindset, and excitement for living A LOT. These are exciting times my friends… stay with me – check the archives on my blog for 6 years worth of free recipes!


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