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If you’re like me and you want physical rejuvenation and spiritual transformation, you’ll appreciate what I have to share with you in this long post. I am writing this out for those of you who want to know your OPTIONS – whether it’s when the sh*t hits the fan and you need to deal with life’s happenings (because they will come…), and/or you want some emotional therapy without seeing a psychiatrist LOL. People tell me all the time how stressed they are & how crazy life is, so do something like this so things DON’T get past that tipping point!

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” ~ Maya Angelou

Women in Harmony
When you’re going through a time in your life that demands you take extra good care of yourself (and c’mon – be real – you just know), these are a variety of holistic
therapies and healing modalities that will serve you well. I embarked on a 5 day immersion this week of doing some kind of *something* extra special for me that I do not do on a regular consistent basis. These therapies are extra awesome if you’re experiencing great change (positive or negatively perceived), a loss of any kind (which is by definition a new beginning), and/or making quantum leaps (it can happen in an instant or in the short-term such as after a week like described here).

I’m sharing about my experience with each in a time when many would perhaps turn to alternative methods of escaping. I’ve already done that in my life and know all about it and how it doesn’t get you anywhere (unless you turn it around to your advantage down the road). Instead, I consciously chose to do anything I could get my hands on that was supportive to ME in these 5 consecutive days. It’s different than taking phenomenal care of yourself every day as I do recommend and practice, as this is more of an active pursuing of working with talented practitioners and powerful healers in a short time frame and you’re quite likely paying for their services to get the real results you desire (aka: a sweet burst of love to yourself).

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I sat on top of a small mountain while on the phone with an energy healer & medical intuitive (Robin Eagle Sage). The highlight was the karmic understanding with regard to a situation that I’m currently focusing a high level of energy on (non-medical). She gave perspective that I hadn’t thought of (which seemed unusual as I typically enjoy a wide perspective) and this was my main takeaway from our time together. I’ve got the recording and will listen again to remind myself of what I already knew, it just wasn’t reinforced on that cosmic level yet. Even though she is not a counselor, I felt a sincere emotional support radiating from her when she spoke. I felt better after our call and smiled in reflection on the truths she shared. If you book through her, let her know you found out about her energy work through Bethanne w/ Edible Goddess!


Quantum Biofeedback with Catherine Abby Rich. WOW WOW WOW. I went into this session with a general understanding that the device that’s used and hooked up to you can actually READ your body, what you need, where your imbalances are, and what is happening in the now. Well, that was spot on – and way more. I gave her my name, birth date and city in which I was born and NOTHING else, sat in her big comfy chair and got the electrodes hooked up to my head, wrists and ankles (they look like yoga straps). What do I say except that the experience was undeniably – unshakably – almost creepy in its’ knowing of what I was going through and how it was manifesting in my body. It KNEW where my current weakness was like a spy would LOL. I must have looked like a deer in headlights 😉

The device basically tells the practitioner to focus on the physical or emotional, and mine was more emotional – which was great because I’m a strong believer that our emotions and attitudes manifest themselves in our physical body anyway (everything that is manifested originates in our thoughts). I was also given a complete list of the foods that my body receives well (digests well) and what to stay away from. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, it’s the foods that I am drawn to mostly anyway that actually work for my body. This confirms my teachings that we need to go through a period of detoxification with an organic fresh food diet to the point until you can begin to EAT INTUITIVELY. A lot of people say this; I mean it. The raw food diet is not what everyone wants long term but it IS immensely powerful in helping you re-calibrate to the point where you know how to listen to yourself, trust your body, and not worry about deficiencies. It was nice to actually see this confirmed in biofeedback. It was able to pick up on a deficiency I have to some degree which is excellent because I was craving the food that is exceptionally high in this nutrient, ate it regularly for 2 weeks, and am back to homeostasis. OUR BODIES TELL US!

Catherine (who has also been an herbalist for 20+ years) put together an energetically enhanced herbal potion for me to take home with 5 herbs the biofeedback system recommended the most. The plants it chose for me were SPOT ON. It basically went thru the 5 processes or way I will evolve through the issue I’m challenged with. If I didn’t have faith & trust in the Universe, I may wonder how and why this thing knew me so damn well. I love this kind of thing though so it was suuuuuuper fascinating!

I think you do need a really good practitioner who is intuitive and supportive of where you’re at – meaning they can accurately interpret the messages that the device and software deliver and be there for guidance. If you want a session with Catherine, her phone number is 415-847-6951 and she lives/works in Marin County, CA. I love her even more because she can go so deep (she’s a Scorpio like me) and we can delve into the depths of life like no other. There were SO MANY synchronicities that occurred in our 2+ hour session that I knew there was divine orchestration in the mix. I’ll be back for another session for sure and if you go, tell her you found out about her work through me!


Organic massage with my go-to Swedish massage therapist. We kept our time together quiet so I could go deep, truly relax, and to be present with the energy that needed to be moved throughout my body. It stirred up emotions (as any good massage will) and I welcomed them, released them, and did it all over again for that hour. BE HERE NOW is what the little stone said beneath the massage table’s pillow, and I was. I felt present in my body, able to allow myself to receive – to be taken care of – to nurture my sacred body temple. Followed that with a fully supported conversation and I was gifted a new beautiful coat – just because! (see what happens when you *decide* it’s TIME to receive? It’s time folks, it’s time. If you feel like you’re always giving, make a firm decision to receive in any way that you possibly can. The new affirmation: I AM OPEN & RECEPTIVE TO RECEIVING ALL GOOD (thank you Louise Hay). Do not feel guilty about it; your body will let you know the truth anyway. Give yourself a much-needed break and go see my favorite organic massage therapist, Dalila (da-lee-la), for a massage in Marin County, CA – here’s her website! Email or call her.


Today was profound, and perhaps the most inspiring pivotal day of them all. I have a friend who has always been so supportive of my business Edible Goddess, and we’ve talked about me doing a session with her for way too long. I saw Erin recently when I was speaking at the “A Chocolate Affair” – a chocolate party for Valentine’s Day and it was clear that NOW was the time after I expressed what I was giving my attention to in life. I didn’t even know what she really did except I knew that she knew she was damn good at it, and I honestly went into it thinking she was an energy healer of sorts and or shamanic practitioner that would shake feathers over me and I’d be good to go. She is actually a body worker / massage therapist – and not just any kind, but one who is extraordinarily powerful and extremely intuitive tapped into Universal Truth. This is like deep soul level massage healing. I realized I was going to start releasing deep layers of hurt, suffering, pain, worry, fear, loss, grief, sadness, and other suppressed feelings that inevitably occurred during my life and nestled themselves quite nicely somewhere inside of me. Erin offers PROFOUND healing if you want it.

She counseled me (really just her chatting away all inspirational, telling me what was going on with my body) while I lay there receiving the work. She said my body was telling her messages & she knew where things were being held in my body. I knew she was right because she was right on target with everything she said – it was wild. She knew by the tension or mis-alignment in certain areas that I give more than I receive (on many levels & aspects in life). She knew my emotions and seriously exactly what to say to help me thru them. I LOVE HER. She helped me believe again in the truth that I AM A POWERFUL WOMAN and I have so much inner strength – and this I can be proud of. She dug into critical areas of my body, and on the drive home I could feeeeeel the healing especially in the area above my kidneys (an area associated w/ receiving) and behind my shoulders.

Erin reminded me that you can feel your X feeling (go with something low vibe / negative here), and swim in that, or jump into the VASTNESS of all that is over here *and* still feel that feeling, but NOT be overwhelmed or consumed by it. She said such personal things that really had a major impact and that are too personal to share, but I will say this: if you are in need of healing your emotions, your heart, or you’re suffering on any level emotionally, she will help you. Erin is an angel in human form and is very gifted in her work. She’s just 1 of those people that are born true healers (as I feel I am) and she has a new loyal customer (me!). I’m going back next week, and the week after…


Aligned my spine – gently, not abrasively – with chiropractic care. My body holds adjustments well and I can literally feel my nervous system, organs, and circulation flowing and working more efficiently in comparison to when I go really extended periods without a guided alignment. I’m not one who needs an adjustment often or regularly, but I do know some thrive on this approach. I’m aligning in many areas of my life and feel it only makes sense to physically align and watch as things come together even more fluidly.

I’ve gone to Dr Michael Joseph several times since living in Marin County: 55 Mitchell Blvd #10, San Rafael, CA 94903 – 415-444-0700.

There’s also been lots of dancing, crying, surrendering, journaling, and hiking in Nature. It’s been amazing and all of these are powerfully healing on multiple levels!


Homemade Moonlight Vanilla Chaga Tincture – a potent tonic that infused for 9 months (Chaga mushroom + wildcrafted vanilla beans)

Frankincense Essential Oil by Living Libations

Spagyric Tinctures – alchemical herbal extracts for vibrant health and conscious evolution. I’m taking cleavers, wild rose, and another one I cannot remember the name of and the words on the label disappeared. These spagyrics contain pure crystalline mineral salts of the herbs, ensuring a true full plant extract. 100% organic and/or wildcrafted. I’m adding them to a small shot of living spring water (harvested locally) and taking it 2-3 times per day. It tastes sweet!

Lots of “Double Reishi” (1 tablespoon / day) from Longevity Power – it’s extremely heart-supportive, calming, grounding, emotionally replenishing, soothing to the nerves (helps to ease habits based in anxiety or tension). Best anti-depressant on the natural market in the sense that it goes deeeeep if you consume enough of this immunity-enhancing medicinal mushroom, and it can often bring up emotional / spiritual issues from decades ago and you must decide if you’re ready to face them. I AM. This is where I get all my superfoods and herbal extracts + adaptogenic tonics:

My self-named “Empowered Choices / Empowered Living” biofeedback session infused healing liquid herbal potion. During the session the herbs were essentially programmed into the bottle I was to take home, and were chosen FOR me. Of *all* the thousands of herbs this program could have chosen I found it to be uncanny to how it KNEW what I needed. Still in a bit of awe! If it weren’t for the undeniably accurate reading of me and precision to what I am experiencing, I’d possibly have doubt of how this all works, though there’s no room for uncertainty as that is often just resistance or lack of allowing – of all kinds – and that is something I am letting go of to serve my highest good / self.

Flower Essences – add these to my herbal shots which are life-enhancing brews of divine magic OR straight into my mouth & in my skincare.

Oil of Gold – only the crazy high level stuff for this girl! 😉

Heirloom Organic Raw Vegan Chocolate Covered Sun Dried Cacao Beans! Chocolate almost didn’t make this list until I heard my bodywork practitioner speak, almost as if a download from the part of herself that is keenly attuned to the truths of the Universe. Our exchange was about how cacao IS the most heart healing and opening medicine one could take considering its dramatic catalyst and driving powers, especially when focusing on issues of learning to receive more fully and giving love more openly – especially to oneself. I wish I could have recorded her intuitive sharing – it’s most often me that gets to deliver these kinds of messages to those who need to hear it, and it was nice to be on the receiving end of what I already knew.

The times I have been most able to focus on ME is when I’m at health & fitness retreats with other conscious people because otherwise there’s often too many distractions. This past week too effort, and I’m still ready for more R & R. A few years ago I started hosting my own retreats and my next one is in Costa Rica this April 20-26. If you’re feeling like you need or want some dedicated time for radical self-love with 20-25 other awakened individuals, this is your chance. It can be, and will be, life-changing & life-enhancing. COME TO COSTA RICA WITH ME!! DETAILS HERE. ♥

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