How to Make Medicinal Mushroom Tea

Used in every human culture for 1000’s of years, medicinal mushrooms contain a unique array of polysaccharides (essential sugars) and novel compounds that strengthen the immune system. There are many ways to use these potent *foods* in your regular diet, no matter what approach you’re loving at this moment. You can certainly go out and harvest your own Chaga, Reishi, and other deeply intelligent mushrooms from the wild forests near you, put them in a Saladmaster cookware pot with spring water you’ve harvested locally, and brew for 30+ minutes (cook for 30 mins – 4 hours).

I’ve done this with mushrooms we harvested locally near Stinson Beach, and also on vacation in Maine – and it’s incredibly rewarding just like growing your own beyond organic food in your own backyard. We’re hosting a Medicinal Mushroom Hunt & Harvest event this month with a local mushroom expert so join in if you want to learn how to do this yourself. Another option is to get the dried mushrooms from a reputable online source like Mountain Rose Herbs and brew them up like I described above. Easy!

Medicinal Mushroom Tea

Medicinal Mushroom Tea made w/ Mushroom Immunity + Vanilla Beans + Vanilla Stevia

My current favorite (and easiest) is to get a comprehensive medicinal mushroom blend that’s already been formulated by an herbalist and one that contains ALL constituents of the mushroom (fruiting body, spores, and mycelium). My go-to choice is MUSHROOM IMMUNITY, and it certainly stands apart from the others on the market. It’s perfectly balanced and there’s no way I could get this many medicinal mushroom properties into my body in any other way. So healing!

I take 1 teaspoon per day and it tastes like a perfectly soothing caffeine-free instant coffee substitute (which is grand, because I dropped the coffee habit several years ago but still love the depth of that kind of beverage).

Start with 1/4 teaspoon daily in pure water, smoothie, elixir, nut milk, raw chocolate recipe, or miso or other savory soup. Have fun in the kitchen, get creative, and make some delicious creations!

Mushroom Immunity is a 100% medicinal mushroom no fluff formula:

79% 9 species extremely potent mushroom fruiting body hot water true extracts
13% Organic Reishi Cracked-Cell Spores
8% 24 species live freeze-dried mycelium

Half the formula contains proprietary extracts of Chaga and Reishi mushroom, which taste like freshly brewed cocoa-vanilla coffee instead of a ‘mushroom soup’ flavor. Mmmm!!



CLICK on the image below to read ingredients!MushrmIngredients

How to Make Medicinal Mushroom Tea

32 ounces pure water (no tap water!)
2-3 teaspoons Mushroom Immunity
1-2 wildcrafted vanilla beans or vanilla bean powder

Put all ingredients in your pot (split the vanilla bean in half) and warm on stove for 10 minutes. Strain, add your favorite sweetener (I like vanilla stevia), share with a friend, and enjoy! I like to drink this pretty hot and it’s perfect on a chilly morning all wrapped up in warm clothes as you’re getting your day started. If you do not have vanilla beans, use 1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean powder.

Did you feed your immune system today? As a culture, we should be supporting our immune system every single day so that we skip over the common cold and have no concerns when those around us are feeling sick. Having an illness or getting sick with colds, the flu, viral infections, and other inconvenient maladies are not a necessary part of life, so don’t settle for feeling less than the best ever more often than not!

It’s time to raise our standards for what is possible for our health. We are divine creatures that deserve immunity we can count on!

In college, I used to come down with an upper respiratory infection every single October. So LAME! I was under the weather for 2 weeks and it became so predictable that I’d succumb to this unpleasant illness each year. Eventually, the fog in my life was removed as I awakened to the fact that I can do something about this (!!!) and I began making healthy shifts in my diet. I should have been able to avoid this yearly sickness by always being protected and dosing up with medicinal mushrooms even in regular tiny doses, which is better than nothing. Now I have excellent immunity! The same is possible for you.

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