What I Eat in a Day

As a self-proclaimed organic raw food, wild food, superfood and herbal raving fan – you can probably guess the kinds of foods I focus on in general. I get asked often if I can go into detail so others can get a sense of how to put things together, and this is my attempt to give you my game plan though I don’t follow a diet, count calories (or anything that shows itself on the nutritional facts label), and what I eat changes day to day. But, you’ll get the idea!

So you don’t have to question the amounts, I’m including them with some things – though realize I do not measure or weigh things; I’m not neurotic or a nazi about food, and I hope you’re not either. I have FUN with food, enjoy the sensual aspects of eating, and eat for pleasure as well as deep nourishment to fuel my young body temple. I use food as the catalyst for a MUCH better life, and I’ve clearly shared why this is so important to me here.

Here’s the order, more or less, of how a current day typically goes lately:

* 16 oz living spring water that I harvest myself at a local beach

Longevity Root Beer* 32 oz longevity tonic herbal elixir with 1 tablespoon Longevity in a Bottle, few drops of liquid organic stevia from Omica Organics and my so fresh spring water – tastes like herbal root beer

* few pieces of fresh ripe organic fruit, mostly local & in season but not always – I looooove ataulfo mangoes with a passion and have been pretty obsessed with naval oranges, rio grapefruit and apples over the past few months. I ate a ton of soursop while I was co-cheffing the raw food detox retreat in Barbados a few weeks ago

* 32 oz green or purple smoothie (a good revolution to continue) .. I upgrade it by only using my own garden grown leafy greens and herbs, and thawed organic raw coconut water or living spring water as the liquid base. I add 1-4 tablespoons of fresh local bee pollen on top, or stirred in. I post pics probably way to much to social media of my smoothies.. OR a fruity chocolate-y smoothie

* nibbles of my Chocolate Goldies, sometimes some organic green vegetable juice (16 oz), my homemade superwoman energy bars (multi-layered superfood energy bars, 2-3 tablespoons of Goji Joy straight in the mouth – my choices vary…

Garden Salad w/ Olives, Kraut & Guac* big wooden bowl or plate of The Goddess Mash with my beyond organic garden greens (kale, baby collards, parsley, cilantro, dill, arugula, calendula flowers, chard, cruciferous flowers), wild miner’s lettuce & chicory from my property, sprouts, herbal infused apple cider vinegar, homemade stone ground raw tahini, fresh local organic raw olives, freshly squeezed lemon (or orange every so often), all wrapped up in romaine leaves (a new infatuation I have as of lately), collard leaves (from the garden once they’re big enough), or nori sheets – you now know what my spring garden looks like if you follow me on social media!

* most recently I’ve had a some baked yams with sea salt and cinnamon on them.. it’s been a womanly craving this past week so I choose to LISTEN to my body. 2.5 yrs ago I had severe cravings for something and I didn’t listen – it was a mistake! I held like an insane LOCK very dogmatically about what I would and would not eat. I had been craving protein (specifically cooked/steamed quinoa) and would not touch it for 6 months. I started dreaming about quinoa. I rarely have cravings – ever – but I didn’t want to give in. Eventually, I “gave in” and felt like the fat weight of an elephant had been taken off my petite shoulders. What was I thinking not listening to my body? That’s what dogma will do, and I do not live with it – or support the energy of it, period.

Green Smoothie w/ Bee Pollen* my Chocolate Goldies, buckwheat crunch Maca Bliss chocolate bars, fluffy choco coco ribbon truffles – usually bites of my Goldies.. I made them for a reason – they are my favorite raw chocolate and are the best for me, in my humble opinion – create what you want, right!? Stay tuned for an EPIC homemade raw chocolate-making training intensive I’m hosting on Sat/Sunday June 1-2 (6 hours each day) – if you like the chocolate pics I post to Facebook and Instagram and you want the best ever chocolate making skills for a lifetime (I’ll share my secrets!), check my Events page for further details and to hold your spot.

* late night herbal elixir, many recipes come straight from my Superfood Beauty Elixirs eBook (easy lemonade style & cocktail-like recipes) – individual herbal extracts: pearl, schisandra, He Shou Wu, eucommia, purest & sweetest no filler camu camu berry ever, white peony, raw pine pollen extract, noni, jujube, rhodiola, gynostemma, cordyceps – all with stevia so it’s sweet yet low-glycemic and spring water + spring water ice cubes when I feel like it.

Raw Taco SaladThat’s it folks! As I sat down to write this just a bit ago with my sweet cat Emmy on my lap and a big glass of spring water by my side that we got yesterday, I realized my fingers had a light layer of spirulina on them. Pretty typical around here! I love what I eat, and I love how I feel. Whatever I’m doing at this moment in time, is working for me. I eat from the same range of foods throughout the week, but never the same meals day to day – all smoothies, Goddess Mashes, salads, wraps, juices, etc are always different and the beauty is in the endless variations of delicious food that we can create.

ON A CONTROVERSIAL SIDE NOTE: I linked up a lot of stuff above because here’s the deal: I create products that I want myself and I sell my own handcrafted goodies. I’ve spent countless hours reflecting on this and realize there will always be some pissed off sour apple who wants to critique, judge, and say I am trying to sell stuff. I say, I’m not pressuring you to buy anything and you obviously don’t know MY BIG WHY. I invite you to learn to make your own and to not look harshly upon others who live their passion every single day and feel blessed to do so. Listening to people say “oh they’re just trying to sell something” is like nails on a chalkboard to me (I hear it about others in my industry often). Not if they’re coming from a genuine, caring place! That’s not selling – that’s living with a mission to serve people to the best of your ability, based in your experience 🙂 I’ve held the hand of too many people transitioning to another dimension to not do everything I can to help in any way I am able to.

Acai Ice CreamEven the popular crew who promotes only eating a certain type of food or diet with no emphasis on organic are selling something and make lots of $$$$ at it – they are entrepreneurs who make you buy into an idea, a diet of sorts, that has you feeling like you really messed up if you fall off the wagon. I am encouraging you to clean your body out with fresh organic ripe living and raw foods, juices, elixirs, tonics, spring water, superfoods and ancient herbs that have been used for millenia so you can begin to truly eat intuitively – whether that’s high fruit, high greens, higher fat, high protein, or you’re a breatharian in the works. We currently live in a society that requires us to spend special green paper on items and information that we value. You vote with your dollar – make it a wise choice and support the people you appreciate!

I handcraft what is not already in the marketplace, at least to my standards and satisfaction. I advocate listening to YOUR body, and eating in such a way that makes you joyous, and feeling like YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH YOUR FOOD & DRINK CHOICES!

Cheers – to LIFE! I love you, and everything I say is with love in my heart. I’m filled up…….


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