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My Top 6 Supplements

1) Algae.

I am positively obsessed with spirulina, wild blue green algae, chlorella, marine phytoplankton, and other earthly gifts. Why? They continue to take my health to the next level and have done so for years. I feel they are foundational to a progressive approach to nutrition. They are the highest sources of protein on the planet offering a full spectrum of amino acids, as well as an abundant amount of carotenoids (skin & eye health), minerals, chlorophyll, polysaccharides, and even protect our DNA.

Algae cleanse heavy metals from our system, nourish our cells and renew our body; they are the most nutrient-dense, whole foods on Earth, forming the foundation of the food chain. You can sprinkle spirulina on salads or The Goddess Mash, and add wild blue green algae (aka BGA) & chlorella to smoothies, elixirs & chocolates.

If you want a product that combines 8 freshwater and marine algae for a synergized effect, you’ll want to know about Yoga Manna – a tasty (yes, really – it tastes good) nutritional cocktail for daily health maintenance. It contains significant levels of vegetarian B-12, Vitamin-A, fucoidan, phycocyanin, and other trace minerals.

Yoga Manna contains wild blue green algae and its’ extract, Andes Spirulina & Spirulina Pacifica, Chlorella, Green Marine Phytoplankton, Brown Seaweed Extract, Red Marine Phytoplankton (Dunaliella Salina), and Astaxanthin Extract. It IS the best blend of algae in existence! Christian Bates is the genius formulator behind Yoga Manna.

2) Longevity in a Bottle.

Formulated by cutting edge nutritionist, herbalist, educator and chef, Christian Bates, Longevity in a Bottle is the ultimate elixir of health for those who desire to live a super long & extremely healthy life. It’s easily added to smoothies, elixirs, chocolates, nut mylk, soup, and other high vibe creations, which makes your compliance level high – a requirement to receive the full effect of all supplements!

It’s the world’s most comprehensive superfood, herbal & medicinal mushroom formula and contains 60 premium extracts and rare concentrates that have been proven to build resilience to stress, deliver sustained energy, and strengthen the immune system. For thousands of years our ancestors also took these prized substances for these primary reasons:


Benefits and Highlights

– boost performance
– sustain energy with no crash
– build resilience to stress
– enhance immunity
– unleash genetic potential
– revitalize cells

It’s about time a product like this exists. I overwhelmingly support the genius formulation of this epic product since I know it’s desperately needed by humanity. You can order Longevity in a Bottle here!


3) Antioxidant Extreme.

Most of us, especially those living in or near a city, are bombarded with pollutants, heavy metals, poor quality air, and less than the best water. This gives us all the more reason to flood our precious bodies with as many antioxidants as possible by consuming tons of fresh organic fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, and also via supplementation.

The more antioxidants we consume, the more our body can defend against what we come up against during the day. They fight for our immune system to stay strong; think of them as an army of good who want the best for you. You want an abundant amount of them continually flowing through you to ward off any illness or stressful event.

If your body is swimming with these protectors, it will be quite difficult for your skin to burn, as burning often comes from toxic chemical skincare that reacts with the Sun and burns our outer shell. Use edible skincare, eat fresh organic food and supplement with Antioxidant Extreme – it’s the most comprehensive product for supporting anti-aging and normal cell division – ever.


3) Liver Rescue.

Our liver has its’ work cut out for it. It spends 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, filtering out the toxins we burden upon it. We HAVE to take extra special care of our liver or our skin will look drab, we’ll age much more quickly, feel lethargic, and not have the energy to pursue – or even figure out – our greatest passion. Eating cleanly is foundational yet we need to actively detoxify what accumulates just by living in our society with ever-present car exhaust, pesticides, GMO’s (genetically modified foods), chemtrails, artificial flavors, etc.

Even if you haven’t eaten junky processed food in a long time, there is residue remaining deep within that needs to find it’s way out. Also consider, that whatever you put onto your skin is absorbed directly into your liver. Watch these 2 short videos for inspiration & know-how for making your own homemade edible skincare products so the health of your skin, and liver, is in your own hands. Liver Rescue strengths, cleanses and rebuilds your liver – give your liver some love!


5) Bee Pollen.

I wrote an extensive article on why bee pollen is the queen strategy for weight loss & stress management here that you’ll want to bookmark & use for future reference. Bee pollen is exceptionally high in B vitamins & a major hormone balancer & longevity food!

Fresh local bee pollen

Bee Pollen’s Benefits and Highlights
– helps to resolve infertility issues in women
– increased vitality, strength and endurance
– provides a really quick recovery from exercise
– strengthens our stress defense shield & builds resilience to stress
– slows the aging process and boosts longevity
– helps to relieve and alleviate allergies and asthma symptoms
– offers a significant immune system enhancement
– increases infection fighting red blood cells and antibody production
– helps you maintain a successfully high raw diet

What the Nutrition Content?
With the extraordinary amount of B Vitamins in bee pollen (except B12), all essential 22 amino acids and 14 fatty acids including essential fatty acids, RNA, DNA, vitamin D, lecithin/choline, polysaccharides, enzymes, and carotenes – bee pollen is quite possibly the most complete and longevity food found in Nature.

No one is exempt to what must be one of the most spoken and understood words ever – STRESS. Stress can wreck havoc on your body, no matter who you are, how healthy you are, and how strong your nutrition program is. If you are experiencing stress on any level, bee pollen is a food that you’ll want to include in your progressive plan for optimal living! You can buy it at a natural health food store or at Mountain Rose Herbs.

6) Vitamineral Green.

This powerful green superfood powder radically changed my life for the better in 2001 so very much that it would be down right rude to not include it. It was THE product/food/supplement that physically transformed me for the better & allowed me to gradually become the absolute best & healthiest expression of myself. I explain my short story of why, here.

Vitamineral Green (VMG) is a synergistic, alkalizing blend of green grasses, vegetables, seaweed, algae, enzymes & probiotics. It’s your whole food multi-vitamin & multi-mineral supplement all-in-one. It’s been dehydrated at very low temperatures to keep it raw; it’s vegan, gluten-free and provides a full spectrum of bioavailable superfoods for the entire body. I believe it is foundational for most people who desire to embrace a holistic health approach, and excellent for those who need something to quickly bring their body back into balance.


I have extensive experience using all of the above supplements so if you have any questions, please share in the comments!

What’s YOUR favorite supplement?

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