Free Shipping for Vita-Mix + the Superfood Beauty Elixirs eBook as a Special Bonus!l

I’d like to offer anyone who is looking to purchase a Vita-Mix, FREE shipping, along with an additional bonus as a ‘thank-you’ for buying it through the link below. The special bonus is my Superfood Beauty Elixirs eBook! Free shipping will save you $25 and the eBook retails for $27. Enter the coupon code 06-005784 […]

Master Cleanse Kefir, Elixir Style

We’ve all heard of the Master Cleanse. You’ll likely hear mixed reviews based upon people’s different experiences this this kind of detox diet. The Master Cleanse Kefir that I’m sharing with you here is one you can have while you’re on the traditional cleanse if you choose, and also as part of any regular detoxification […]

HealthForce Healing Cleanses; Special January Discount

It’s that time of year when we set intentions and new health goals. Have you set some yourself? I certainly have; in fact this year, I have written down my 2011 Intentions and even did a 2010 Gratitude list. I highly suggest you try this yourself; it was surprising how much I underestimated my progress, […]

Super Electrolyte Re-Mineralizing Elixir

This is my morning lemonade to break my fast. It’s so easy to make because I keep the shelf-stable ingredients on the counter so they’re quickly accessible and I whip this up in less than 5. It’s energizing, refreshing, cleansing, and hydrating. If you do not have every single ingredient, make it anyway with what […]