Life-Changing HealthForce Superfoods Testimonials!

I often get emails detailing such dramatic positive changes in one’s health that I thought you may like to hear them as well! I find them truly inspiring! It’s so empowering to know what other’s are experiencing and hearing about the life-changing results – a great reminder for us all! If you have an experience with HealthForce Superfoods that you’d like to share, I’ll feature you on my blog and on the HealthForce Facebook Fan Page as well. =)))

Amazing Testimonial by Gary Tallison!

On March 3 I started my first Health force cleanse! I’ve been a partial raw food fan for some time and have wanted to make the complete shift to mostly Raw foods. I’m 5’8″ and I weighed 175 lbs then. After using all of the Health Force Healing Cleanse Products recommended for the Level 3 intensive, Blue Manna, Crystal Manna, MSM and Camu Camu were added for a morning drink. I did four start and stops on the cleanse over 60 days for a total of 29 days of the cleansing practice. I did daily enemas which I believe helped my body very much to remove accumulated toxins. I lost a total of 27 lbs and have leveled out today at 150 lbs.

You can get the Blue Manna and Crystal Manna through Ancient Sun Nutrition!

To connect with Tallison further, check out his facebook page for the Tallison Energy Institute!

Inspiring Testimonial by Michele Bergeron!

Transformation has been a slow process for me. I first started with food elimination and exercise. I think a lot of us start out with the basics when trying to lose weight or strive for optimal health. What I gradually realized was that the basics were not enough. I am a vitamin buyer for Whole Foods so I was fortunate enough to be introduced to HealthForce by our wonderful rep, Bethanne. The first product I began using was MacaForce. The benefits were immediate – more energy, enhanced libido, and happy hormones! From there I began taking Spirulina Manna, Earth, Vitamineral Green, Truly Vitamin C, and Fruits of the Earth. Every morning I make my smoothie with a teaspoon of each of these wonderful powders. To say that they are changing my life is an understatement! Not only do I have increased energy, but changes are occurring with my physical appearance, metabolism, and mental outlook. What HealthForce products do is nourish our bodies at a deep cellular level. So many people in this country are so malnourished they have no idea what satiation even feels like! Every one of us is meant to experience longevity, spiritual balance, and a wonderful mental outlook. Taking the first step is always the hardest but if you add any HealthForce product to your daily health regimen your life will never ever be the same.

To connect w/ Michele further, visit the Whole Foods store in Sonoma, CA – she’s the well-informed and educated vitamin buyer!


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