Getting Rid of Parasites, Bacteria and Yeast in Your Body

If you think you may have parasites, bacteria or yeast that have been plaguing your body, there is an effective way eliminate them. You don’t have to stay home or cancel all your social plans to do this “clean sweep” and you can be flexible whether you want to approach the cleanse gently or intensely.

There are many reasons to do periodic parasite cleanses; everyone today has them and they effect our body, mind, and attitude in various ways that you would never expect (or fully realize). We’re exposed to unhealthy bacteria in our surrounding environment; excess yeast is formed in the body as a result of too many sugars in the diet (along w/ other factors). Let’s knock out these critters with the HealthForce Healing Cleanse!


Products to Consume While on the Cleanse (they are part of the Level 3 Cleanse pictured above):

Internal Parasite Formula ~ 1 capsule = 500mg; ingredients: cloves, black walnut hull, wormwood herb, milk thistle seed extract, wasabi extract, enzymes (follow the instructions – work up to 10 capsules per day; sounds like A LOT and it is, but do it anyway to officially escort the bad guys OUT)

Intestinal Movement Formula ~ 1 capsule = 550mg; ingredients: rhubarb root, peppermint leaf, whole leaf aloe ferox (cape aloe), wildcrafted nopal cactus, ginger, wasabi extract, thyme leaf, oregano leaf, enzymes (follow the instructions, take as many as needed – they are non-habit forming)

Intestinal Drawing Formula ~ 2 tablespoons (powder); ingredients: wildcrafted slippery elm bark, marshmallow root, nopal cactus, natural zeolite clay, activated charcoal, plantain leaf, carob powder, flax seed meal, kelp, volcanic bentonite clay (start with 1 tablespoon and work up to several tablespoons per day; this is an INTENSE formula that does not taste fabulous in just water alone – see below for the most surprising way to turn this drink into something you will look forward to drinking. Those who’ve had the formula know what I mean, it’s not the tastiest, yet it IS necessary for premium cleansing so make the recipe below and the taste is no longer an issue).

These are additional products that will be supportive for your cleanse:
* Longevity Power products (especially Longevity in a Bottle – it’s like a tonic herbal multi-vitamin)
* Nopal Cactus (take as often as desired to regulate blood sugar, improve digestion and immune system)
* Aรงai Resveratrol Ultimate ORAC Antioxidant Extreme


Tips to escort the parasites out of your body:

1) Cut out all sugars so they have nothing to feed on; this is hard, but you will feel AMAZING when you succeed (NO fruit while on the cleanse). Eat leafy greens, soaked / germinated nuts + seeds, wild foods, superfoods, raw chocolate (that has no sugar), nut butters, vegetables, green vegetable juice, cacao superfood smoothies, raw sauerkraut, rejuvelac, miso soup (Autumn Earth Tonic Soup), nori rolls w/ greens & veggies & healthy spreads, and coconut kefir.

2) Consume aged garlic extract to knock the parasites, yeast, and ‘bad guys’ out; garlic is nature’s antibiotic

3) Drink super tonic herbal teas all day long
: dandelion root, goldenseal root, Oregon grape root, rehmannia root, codonopsis root, schisandra berries and milk thistle seeds. Learn how-to brew up a super tonic herb tea. Get your herbs from a reputable online shop like Mountain Rose Herbs!

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

4) Support your body with a parasite cleanse, like the HealthForce Healing Cleanse described above. There are others on the market, I’ve just found this one to be the most complete, extensive, and effective.

5) Drink LOTS of spring water
to flush your system; the zeolites are very detoxifying and you NEED extra water if you take them in any form

This is a commitment and you can totally do it. My energy and attitude vary throughout the program; parasites have a way of effecting our mind and body and the process of releasing them can provide greater awareness and a sense of upliftment (along w/ some grumpy moods as you detoxify).

* 3 pints spring water
* bunch of ice (made with spring water)
* 1-2 T Intestinal Drawing Formula
* 1 tsp organic stevia extract powder
* 1/2 tsp Celtic salt
* 1/2 vanilla bean powder
* organic orange extract (couple drops); found at most Whole Foods and natural foods stores

Optional: add camu camu powder (this will barely get absorbed due to the drawing nature of the formula, but it will make the drink taste even better)

Blend on HIGH and enjoy. If you’ve ever tried Intestinal Drawing Formula before and didn’t like it, please try this recipe! The powder on its’ own in water is hard to chug down, yet this drink gives it a whole new delicious taste!

Cleansing these unwanted bugs out of your system can be a bit tricky, so if you’d like some guidance and support from someone who has not only done so for herself (that’s me), but for hundreds of others, please feel free to reach out and schedule a coaching session so I can help put this behind you!

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About Bethanne Wanamaker

Bethanne Wanamaker is a certified holistic nutritionist, conscious living expert, and the founder of Edible Goddess, an international health & lifestyle brand that cares deeply about your empowerment. She teaches progressive strategies that awaken you to your highest potential by following the body's inherent wisdom and aligning with an intentional mindset, holistic approach, self nourishing practices, and high self value. Bethanne advocates gradual yet significant shifts of upgraded dietary choices that ultimately lead you to the freedom and confidence of eating intuitively. By living in harmony with nature, you can have what you want. She is known for getting results quickly with committed clients who want to live a wildly rewarding, super fun, truly healthy and happy life!

17 comments on “Getting Rid of Parasites, Bacteria and Yeast in Your Body

  1. Have you heard about the absorbability of encapsulated powders over just taking the powder? I heard you absorb much less of the compound if it’s in capsules. I’ve personally noticed a difference taking an oxy powder over capsule of the same product. thanks!:)

    • From what I know, the capsule breaks open right away and you will absorb the same amount as taking the powder, however, I do know that not all capsules are created equal. For instance, HealthForce’s capsules have less moisture & oxygen in their capsules which creates an even cleaner end product.

  2. I appreciate your quick response and value your opinion.. Should I completly stear away from fruit during HealthForce level 2? And i was doing a brownrice protien and “Garden of Plenty” ( green superfood powder )shakes for breakfast and dinner ( Garden of pleanty in place of the vitamineral green) …and a huge salad for lunch. Should i eat more whole foods during this cleanse and then go back to my shakes? … would it be better to do warrior food and vitamineral green for breakfast and dinner? Sorry for all the question I really wanna get rid of my candida and feel better and am just confused about the best breakfast lunch dinner menu option! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I would do Vitamineral Green in place of the one you’re on because it is superior and more potent, more pure and much else. Include as much liquid nutrition as you can to make it easy on your digestive system. I personally would cut out fruit, but there are different opinions out there. I would follow Dr Gabriel Cousens Phase 1 Diet during the duration of your cleanse.

  3. Thanks so much for all the info..can u give me and “ideal” breakfast lunch dinner menu” on gabriel cousins phase one?…can I incorperate any fish or eggs? I just feel like I done know what to eat for breakfast lunch dinner!!!!

  4. Hello! I would like to know the directions on a 7 day parasite cleanse. I have the internal parasite formula, intestinal drawing formula, and intestinal movement formula all by health force.

    • Jenna, you can follow the instructions on the labels of each bottle if you’d like to do it on your own, and if you’re like guidance, I offer detoxification support coaching programs that includes the protocol and much else. The next Conscious Goddess Cleanse begins in May, or since you have some of the products, the 10 day coaching program to support you during this time may be best. Thank you!

  5. Hello! What a great post, very valuable information!

    I intend to have a whole-body and parasite cleanse using the Healthforce Healing Cleanse, because I believe this is the best cleanse on the market, so I’ve been doing a lot of research on this.

    But I’ve read in many places, e.g:

    that the Healthforce cleanses can be very tough and hard to finish due to strong detox symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, fatigue, abdominal pains and diarrhea.

    So, did you have strong detox symptoms while doing the cleanse? How it was? I really want to do this cleanse, but I’m afraid of the detox symptoms.

    All the best,

    • The HF level 3 cleanse is powerful, yes! I’ve guided hundreds of people through it and each person has the option can take it to the hard-core level, or not. You can always slow it down if you feel the need. It IS effective – it works! Detox symptoms very GREATLY from individual to individual, so you may or may not experience anything negative. Don’t go into it with concern b/c you are in control and especially if you have someone coaching you through it, there should be no problem.

      Let me know if you’d like further support & I hope this is helpful! Good luck. You’ll feel very happy that you did it for various reasons ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Nice, I’ve just bought the HF Healing Cleanse Level 2 (I couldn’t find the level 3 cleanse here in my country).

        Since last year I’ve been having some serious health issues, my health is impaired and I feel like crap every day. I’m desperate to regain my health. I believe I have a candida overgrowth on my body, and that’s why I want to do this cleanse.

        Please can you coach me on my HF cleanse?? Can I share my whole story with you Bethanne?

        Thanks and god bless you

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