3 Steps to Making a Superfood Smoothie

To make an extraordinary Superfood smoothie, there are a few significant things you can do to bring it to that next level. There are 3 steps that take this creation from a regular ole’ smoothie to one that will knock your yoga socks off!

1) Make a super tonic herbal tea. An outrageous tea can replace about half the water you put into the smoothie or the nut mylk base of a smoothie.

2) Make a smooth, delicious, and balanced multi-nut/seed mylk.

3) Add your Superfoods in any amount that feels intuitively right for YOU. Top Superfoods of Choice are: raw chocolate powder, shilajit, mucuna powder, blue green algae, Vitamineral Green, spirulina, NoniLand noni powder, bee pollen, royal jelly, cordyceps powder, reishi powder, camu camu powder, acerola or amla berry powders, bacopa powder, vitamin E tocotrienols, sacha jergon, lucuma berry powder, fresh aloe, vanilla bean powder. You can source much of these from Ultimate Superfoods (buyer’s club, anyone can order).

Blend in a high-speed blender like the Vita-Mix. No need to strain – the powders will mix in as long as you don’t go overboard with the amounts.

You can sweeten with organic stevia extract powder (the NOW brand) and xylitol to keep the Superfood smoothie low-glycemic, yet as sweet-tasting as you desire.

This past week, I was the speaker for the Novato, CA raw food potluck. I made an infused herbal loose leaf tea ahead of time and demonstrated how to make the nut mylk and smoothie. For each of these recipes, there is no official recipe (everyday brings something different), and the amounts of ingredients you use is determined by you. This approach allows your mind’s creativity to flow and a diversity of nutrition to cascade through your body.

To bring out even more of the flavors, you can add a few pinches of Celtic or Himalayan salt and a drizzle of oil, like raw cacao butter, pumpkin seed oil, or olive oil. This keeps the macro-nutrients (fat, protein, carbs) balanced and helps the smoothie achieve a flavor that is moist. Mmmm ~ mouth-watering, lip-smacking smoothies that you can drink all day long – breakfast through late afternoon… saving your savory meal for dinner.

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