How-To Make Smooth, Delicious & Balanced Nut Mylks

To replace dairy and packaged milks, there’s a quick and easy way to make it yourself at home that will completely surprise your taste buds.

Ideally, you’ll soak the nuts and seeds for several hours – usually overnight, but you can check in basic raw food books or online for guidelines. Nuts should be soaked for longer than seeds. Then, if you have a dehydrator, dehydrate them for 24 hours. Honestly, I didn’t used to do this because I didn’t have a dehydrator, but now that I have one and do it this way, I just think it’s so much better! You can choose from a variety of nuts and seeds and experiment to find the proportions you like best. The (*) symbol are my personal favorites and the blend that always hits the spot.

All raw and organic:

* almonds
* Brazil nuts
* pumpkin seeds
* hemp seeds
* coconut flakes
* walnuts
* milk thistle seeds
macadamia nuts
sunflower seeds
sesame seeds
pine nuts

What I do: Take about 2-3 handfuls total (approx 1 cup) of almonds and/or Brazil nuts, a handful of pumpkin seeds (couple tablespoons), couple of tbsp hemp seeds, a big shake of coconut flakes (1 tablespoon), a couple walnuts (if ya like) and add approx 1 part spring water to 3 parts hot infused tonic herb tea (roots, barks, herbs, leafs). If you don’t have raw almonds, you can use a couple spoonfuls of raw almond butter that you’ve hopefully made yourself! It’s best to make the nut mylk fresh, yet it does last for 2-3 days in the fridge. I would make it enough for it to last a couple days for convenience and maximum nutrition.

* Adding the super tonic herb tea is what sets this mylk apart from any of the other basis nut mylk recipes you may have seen on YouTube or read about. The demo recipes I’ve watched on YT are great, but on a long-term basis I found I got bored with them as they lost their appeal and satisfaction because you’re using just 1 nut or 1 seed. They also do not really mimic real milk and if you’re working to cut out dairy or packaged milks, it’s really worthwhile to get multiple ingredients, make a quick brew of tea, and experience alchemical mylk!

Next post will be on How-To Make A Super Tonic Herb Tea. This is the most rewarding habit of everything I currently do!

Blend in a high-speed blender (Vita-Mix) for a minute – it will be going at 240 mph and will thoroughly blend the nuts and seeds. Take a big bowl and a nut mylk bag and pour the mylk through the bag, into the bowl. We use 3 nut mylk bags put inside of each other instead of just 1. This is a tip I got from a pro raw chef and this method does work even better for straining it with no pulp escaping. You can sweeten the nut mylk if you like with your favorite natural sweeteners: raw local honey, stevia, dates, etc.

Discard the pulp in the bag into your compost. Use the mylk for the liquid base for smoothies, mylkshakes, chocolate mylks, over cereals, and to make chia pudding. Keep in mind when you see these recipes, you don’t have to include every single ingredient – there are optional ingredients that make the drink more rich and multi-layered so just work with what you have or plan to order soon. Anytime I refer to nut mylk on this blog, I’m referring to this blend.

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7 comments on “How-To Make Smooth, Delicious & Balanced Nut Mylks

  1. Bethanne, what do you think about reusing the pulp in other recipes? Angela Elliott recommends this and has a few recipes in her Alive in 5 book. I have tried it so far to make a cereal, ala oatmeal, just the pulp plus chopped fruit and such. I was also thinking to dehydrate the pulp and use for cookies, etc. I have heard Angela on an interview also recommend reusing the pulp more than once to make more milk.

    • Angela has some excellent ideas for re-using this pulp. I would suggest the same things – in raw or warm cereals, porridge, breads and in cookies. I do not re-use the pulp to make mylk as I like to make it fresh, but you can certainly try and see how it goes. Add extra oil in recipes so they don’t turn out too dry and tasting like nut pulp. I compost the pulp if I don’t re-use it.

  2. Hi Bethanne! I was at the Wellness Center in Novato for your smoothie presentation. Im so glad i went because im so stoked to start creating new smoothies and a better eating lifestyle. Keep posting these recipes please because i think im going to search throughout your whole website and learn loads. So thank you for having this website, i already find it super helpful. Im going shopping soon to start creating the best foods. Thank you!!

    • That’s amazing Heather! There’s lots to read here in the archives and I imagine you’ll find just what you’re looking for. If there’s anything you’d like me to answer, any questions you may have, just pass them along! Cheers to the best foods ever! You’re on such a phenomenal journey!

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