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to prepare your mind, body & spirit for conceiving the healthiest and happiest little baby you could ever imagine.

to be a new paradigm parent, and do things with intention, presence, and sustainability.

to be in the confident position where you trust your body, and baby, over other outside influences.

to know everything you possibly can about nourishing yourself exceptionally well so that the immunity of your baby is strong.

the best tips, recommendations, resources, information, support, and nitty gritty details for ways in which you can uplevel everything.

an EMPOWERED experience through and through!

If this resonates, then you’re definitely in the right place.

The gift of being a mama is the most precious one on earth. It has endless rewards – many that are discovered when your health is solid and not a concern on any level. Having a child will bring you a new level of joy every day – especially if you have an “easy” baby (which is created deliberately, not by pure luck!) that is full of smiles instead of being one that’s overly sensitive, triggered easily and cries a lot.

I take the non-medical, holistic approach to everything – and help you prepare your body in the most natural way possible.

Every healthy choice you’ve made & self development path you’ve pursued comes to full fruition when you bear children. It’s ALL for this.

A healthy pregnancy is WAY more than eating the right foods to ensure a healthy baby, and to avoid complications during labor and birth (and in your little angel).

You are growing and building the leaders of the new paradigm! CONGRATULATIONS!! Every choice you make has an impact.
My (holistic, conscious, healthy) pregnancy was easy and enjoyable for 2 main reasons:

1. I’ve been pursuing this progressive, cutting edge lifestyle and unconventional diet for almost 15 years (full on since spring 2003, and my introduction was in Sept 2001). Fresh organic local food, nutrient-dense superfoods, mineral-rich herbs, adaptogenic tonics, beauty elixirs, living wild water, healing medicinal potions, and pure botanical skincare all contribute to creating supremely healthy babies and a mama that feels trust, a deep sense of calm & harmony.

2. I’ve prioritized advanced self-care every single day, and have created a beautiful bubble around me that nourishes, protects, and guides me every step of the way. I feel that this is a critical piece to enjoying this time of your life, when you’re the most vulnerable, raw, and sensitive you may have ever been.

These subjects will be thoroughly discussed as we work together to create your ultimate dream experience. You get one chance for each pregnancy!

This is not a trial & error kind of thing; you want to be on the right track and have a fine tuned approach (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) so that you do not have regrets, or feelings of disappointment after.

NUTRITION AND HERBAL SUPPORT // individual and group sessions available for pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and postpartum.

SACRED PREGNANCY IS ALL ENCOMPASSING: Upgraded Nutrition, Self-Care Rituals, Nourishing Practices, and a Distinctly Supportive Mindset


* alignment – in all ways possible
* trust in your body, it is all-knowing
* it’s a time of profound healing – allow this
* practice acceptance, surrender, letting go
* affirmations to reinforce your inherent wisdom
* embracing the unknown – witness the magic unfold
* coping skills: body image, body changes, body confidence
* actions that embody the respect you have for yourself + self-love
* VILLAGE SUPPORT: sisterhood, friendship, your circle of support – the true “village” it takes to move with joy through pregnancy


* daily rituals and weekly practices that make all the difference in you feeling amazing, or just mediocre
* re-program the subconscious mind; avoid conversations + reading material that is not serving to you (extremely mindful for what you allow in)
* consistent, persistent capability training (mental) – let’s obliterate the fears, concerns and doubts as they hold the power to negatively impact your labor and birth
* conscious language to positively shift your subconscious mind (alternative words / phrases to use that inherently shift the feeling of what you’re referring to & experiencing)


* reduce your chances of morning (or night) sickness and nausea
* setting up your day to include self-care as a foundation for journey
* prevent vitamin + mineral deficiencies by knowing which foods provide each
* herbs safe for pregnancy (and which ones are appropriate for each trimester)
* adapt to the concept that you’re not always eating for 2 (that’s the old paradigm, conventional diet mindset) – you’re HYDRATING for 2
* recommendations for the necessary whole food organic supplements you’ll need (very few exceptional quality ones)
* foods, tonics, broths, and elixirs that support your skeletal system as the bones shift (you’ll feel this, and can greatly reduce aches / pains)
* real food plan to keep you naturally energized, full of vitality, and with digestive power & immunity that works strongly in your favor

We’ll begin with an initial assessment and our coaching will cover nutrition // food // diet, which herbs are safe and recommended to take // when // and why, necessary natural supplements, meal plan ideas, managing pregnancy symptoms, maintaining a reasonable weight gain (avoiding the 50+ lb situation), preparing for a successful natural (perhaps at home!) birth.

Let me help you create a sacred space, a mental sanctuary, a peaceful palace, a happy belly – within your body temple. It would be my honor to join you in this most wonderful journey and impart the first-hand experience + extensive insight I’ve gathered up until this point.


Join me for the live group program that is held twice per year for creating an extraordinary child! This cleanse is designed to help you create a solid foundation from which you can confidently live. It includes:
* 4 weekly group calls
* downloadable recordings of each
* 30 minute session with me during the 1st week
* 30 minute follow up in the last week
* a Goddess Goodies box with exciting products
* Lots more.. details being posted this week, check back!



* 1 – 30 minute intentions & alignment session
* 9 – 75 minute transformation sessions
* downloadable recordings of our sessions together
* individually tailored program designed to honor your values
* a high value Goddess Goodies Box sent to you each month
* unlimited email access, endless support, unconditional love, and accountability
* transformational practices to build confidence + re-frame your mindset (bye bye fear!)
* extensive resources – including books, websites, pregnancy meditations + music
* special VIP client discount to my online store during the duration of your program


* DOULA SUPPORT: Add 1 month during pregnancy AND / OR 1 month postpartum for your greatest benefit!
* If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you have the option to receive a care package of homemade, healing and nourishing mama cuisine that I personally delivery to you. We can discuss this further if you live in the area! 🙂


You’ll be able to rejoice in the beauty of this experience and not be unnecessarily distracted by the stress, fear, and lack of comfort that is prevalent among women today. It’s time to change this, and is absolutely possible with a refined, deliberate, and mindful approach!

Please fill out the questionnaire below if you know you are ready to move forward in working together, describe yourself as an action taker, and are willing to embark on a wildly rewarding, high energy commitment to yourself. I’ll be in touch to set up a brief complimentary phone session to see if we’re a good vibrational match! If you’re still here reading this now, I bet you are 🙂

This coaching program is ideal for women who want to surpass the traditional information available on fertility and pregnancy (“what to expect when you’re expecting”), and really delve in to the exceptionally high level – high value – profound wisdom, ritual, and self-care that sets my approach apart from the rest.

Expect a transformation that will rise you to your highest! This is deep, life enriching work that will dramatically improve your existence.

♥ The greatest investment you can ever make for yourself is for life itself!
♥ You CAN have a dreamy sacred pregnancy that embodies ease, grace, comfort + peace – and that you flow through effortlessly.

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